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A crucial role for bone morphogenetic protein-Smad1 signalling in the DNA damage responseChau, JFL; Jia, D; Wang, Z; Liu, Z; Hu, Y; Zhang, X; Jia, H; Lai, KP; Leong, WF; Au, BJ; Mishina, Y; Chen, YG; Biondi, C; Robertson, E; Xie, D; Liu, H; He, L; Wang, X; Yu, Q; Li, B201277
Flexible write-once-read-many-times memory device based on a nickel oxide thin filmYu, Q; Liu, Y; Chen, TP; Liu, Z; Yu, YF; Lei, HW; Zhu, J; Fung, S2012123
Effect of heat diffusion during state transitions in resistive switching memory device based on nickel-rich nickel oxide filmHu, SG; Liu, Y; Chen, TP; Liu, Z; Yang, M; Yu, Q; Fung, S2012109
Self-learning ability realized with a resistive switching device based on a Ni-rich nickel oxide thin filmLiu, Y; Chen, TP; Liu, Z; Yu, YF; Yu, Q; Li, P; Fung, S2011171
Competition of resistive-switching mechanisms in nickel-rich nickel oxide thin filmsYu, Q; Liu, Y; Chen, TP; Liu, Z; Yu, YF; Fung, S2011128
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