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Power-controlled cognitive radio spectrum allocation with chemical reaction optimizationLam, AYS; Li, VOK; Yu, J201325
Study on a metal-insulator-silicon hydrogen sensor with LaTiON as gate insulatorYu, J; Chen, G; Lai, PT201343
A novel hydrogen sensor based on Pt/WO3/Si MIS Schottky diodeLiu, Y; Yu, J; Cai, FX; Tang, WM; Lai, PT201330
A comparison study on hydrogen sensing performance of Pt/MoO3 nanoplatelets coated with a thin layer of Ta2O5 or La2O3Yu, J; Liu, Y; Cai, FX; Shafiei, M; Chen, G; Motta, N; Wlodarski, W; Kalantar-zadeh, K; Lai, PT201332
Characterization of the gene structure, functional significance, and clinical application of RNF180, a novel gene in gastric cancerCheung, KF; Lam, CNY; Wu, K; Ng, EKO; Chong, WWS; Cheng, ASL; To, KF; Fan, D; Sung, JJY; Yu, J2012215
A study on MIS Schottky diode based hydrogen sensor using La2O3 as gate insulatorChen, G; Yu, J; Lai, PT2012207
Fine mapping on chromosome 10q24.2 implicates ADD3 in biliary atresiaGarcia-Barcelo, MM; Cheng, G; Tang, CSM; Liu, X; Zhang, R; So, MT; Wong, EHM; Chung, PHY; Chan, IHY; Liu, J; Zhong, W; Xia, H; Yu, J; Wong, KKY; Cherny, SS; Sham, PC; Tam, PKH201265
Phylogenetic tree reconstruction with protein linkageYu, J; Leung, HCM; Yiu, SM; Zhang, Y; Chin, FYL; Hobbs, N; Wang, AYX2012172
PPARgamma inhibits hepatocellular carcinoma metastases in vitro and in miceShen, B; Chu, ESH; Zhao, G; Man, K; Wu, CW; Cheng, JTY; Li, G; Nie, Y; Lo, CM; Teoh, N; Farrell, GC; Sung, JJY; Yu, J2012167
Early growth response protein-1 promoter-mediated synergistic antitumor effect of hTERTC27 gene therapy and 5-flurorouracil on nasopharyngeal carcinomaLin, G; Lin, MCM; Lin, S; Yao, H; Yu, S; Yi, W; Xu, G; Ng, SSM; Chen, S; Yu, J; Wang, X; Yang, B2012115
Mixture of fibroblasts and adipose tissue-derived stem cells can improve epidermal morphogenesis of tissue-engineered skinLu, W; Yu, J; Zhang, Y; Ji, K; Zhou, Y; Li, Y; Deng, Z; Jin, Y2012141
A study on a metal-insulator-silicon hydrogen sensor with LaTiON as gate insulatorChen, G; Yu, J; Lai, PT201232
Cystic-like liver tumours in children: two diseases with similar appearance but different outcomeYu, J; Cheuk, DKL; Chiang, AKS; Ha, SY; Chan, GCF2011106
Indian hedgehog mutations causing brachydactyly type A1 impair Hedgehog signal transduction at multiple levelsMa, G; Yu, J; Xiao, Y; Chan, D; Gao, B; Hu, J; He, Y; Guo, S; Zhou, J; Zhang, L; Gao, L; Zhang, W; Kang, Y; Cheah, KSE; Feng, G; Guo, X; Wang, Y; Zhou, CZ; He, L2011230
Hydrogen gas sensing properties of Pt/Ta2O5 Schottky diodes based on Si and SiC substratesYu, J; Chen, G; Li, CX; Shafiei, M; Ou, JZ; Du Plessis, J; Kalantar-Zadeh, K; Lai, PT; Wlodarski, W2011186
Sirtuin 1 is upregulated in a subset of hepatocellular carcinomas where it is essential for telomere maintenance and tumor cell growthChen, J; Zhang, B; Wong, N; Lo, AWI; To, KF; Chan, AWH; Ng, MHL; Ho, CYS; Cheng, SH; Lai, PBS; Yu, J; Ng, HK; Ling, MT; Huang, AL; Cai, XF; Ko, BCB2011150
Adiponectin is required for PPARγ-mediated improvement of endothelial function in diabetic miceWong, WT; Tian, XY; Xu, A; Yu, J; Lau, CW; Hoo, RLC; Wang, Y; Lee, VWY; Lam, KSL; Vanhoutte, PM; Huang, Y2011351
A microrna contribution to aberrant ras activation in gastric cancerLam, EKY; Wang, X; Shin, VY; Zhang, S; Morrison, H; Sun, J; Ng, EKO; Yu, J; Jin, H2011182
The epigenetic modifier PRDM5 functions as a tumor suppressor through modulating WNT/β-catenin signaling and is frequently silenced in multiple tumorsShu, XS; Geng, H; Li, L; Ying, J; Ma, C; Wang, Y; Poon, FF; Wang, X; Ying, Y; Yeo, W; Srivastava, G; Tsao, SW; Yu, J; Sung, JJY; Huang, S; Chan, ATC; Tao, Q2011186
Carboxyl-terminal truncated HBx regulates a distinct microRNA transcription program in Hepatocellular carcinoma developmentYip, WK; Cheng, ASL; Zhu, R; Lung, RWM; Tsang, DPF; Lau, SSK; Chen, Y; Sung, JG; Lai, PBS; Ng, EKO; Yu, J; Wong, N; To, KF; Wong, VWS; Sung, JJY; Chan, HLY2011156
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