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Microstructure and micro-Raman studies of nitridation and structure transition of gallium oxide nanowiresNing, JQ; Xu, SJ; Wang, PW; Song, YP; Yu, DP; Shan, YY; Lee, ST; Yang, H2012146
Highly heteroepitaxial thin films of YBa2Cu3Oy grown on silicon with Eu2CuO4/Y-ZrO2 bi-layer bufferGao, J; Fu, E; Kang, L; Li, TK; Zhe, W; Yu, DP2008366
418 cm-1 Raman scattering from gallium nitride nanowires: Is it a vibration mode of N-rich Ga-N bond configuration?Ning, JQ; Xu, SJ; Yu, DP; Shan, YY; Lee, ST2007249
Doppler broadening of annihilation radiation spectroscopy study using Richardson-Lucy, Maximum Entropy and Huber methodsYu, DP; Zhang, JD; Cheng, V; Beling, CD; Fung, S2007128
TEM study of the microstructure and interfaces in YBa2Cu3Oy thin films grown on silicon with a Eu2CuO4/Y-ZrO2 bi-layer bufferGao, J; Fu, E; Luo, Z; Wang, Z; Yu, DP200792
Non-exponential photoluminescence decay dynamics of localized carriers in disordered InGaN/GaN quantum wells: The role of localization lengthWang, YJ; Xu, SJ; Zhao, DG; Zhu, JJ; Yang, H; Shan, XD; Yu, DP2006152
Quantum dissipation and broadening mechanisms due to electron-phonon interactions in self-formed InGaN quantum dotsXu, SJ; Li, GQ; Wang, YJ; Zhao, Y; Chen, GH; Zhao, DG; Zhu, JJ; Yang, H; Yu, DP; Wang, JN2006473
Interface structure and phase of epitaxial srtio3 (110) thin films grown directly on siliconHao, JH; Gao, J; Wang, Z; Yu, DP2005347
Investigation of dislocations and traps in MBE grown p-InGaAs/GaAs heterostructuresDu, AY; Li, MF; Chong, TC; Xu, SJ; Zhang, Z; Yu, DP199778
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