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Identification of common variants in BRCA2 and MAP2K4 for susceptibility to sporadic pancreatic cancerHuang, L; Wu, C; Yu, D; Wang, X; Cheung, ST201338
Efficient information exchange in single-hop multi-channel radio networksShi, W; Hua, Q; Yu, D; Wang, Y; Lau, FCM201247
Distributed multiple-message broadcast in wireless ad-hoc networks under the SINR modelYu, D; Hua, Q; Wang, Y; Tan, H; Lau, FCM201263
Computing capacity and connectivity in cognitive radio ad-hoc networksHua, Q; Tan, H; Wang, Y; Li, H; Yu, D; Lau, FCM; Wu, C201221
Deterministic distributed data aggregation under the SINR modelHobbs, N; Wang, Y; Hua, Q; Yu, D; Lau, FCM201296
Genome-wide association study of Tourette's syndromeScharf, JM; Yu, D; Matthews, CA; et al.,; Campbell, DD; et al.,; Pauls, DL201223
An O(log n) distributed approximation algorithm for local broadcasting in unstructured wireless networksYu, D; Hua, Q; Wang, Y; Lau, FCM201271
Genome-wide association study identifies five loci associated with susceptibility to pancreatic cancer in Chinese populationsWu, C; Miao, X; Huang, L; Che, X; Jiang, G; Yu, D; Yang, X; Cao, G; Hu, Z; Zhou, Y; Zuo, C; Wang, C; Zhang, X; Zhou, Y; Yu, X; Dai, W; Li, Z; Shen, H; Liu, L; Chen, Y; Zhang, S; Wang, X; Zhai, K; Chang, J; Liu, Y; Sun, M; Cao, W; Gao, J; Ma, Y; Zheng, X; Cheung, ST; Jia, Y; Xu, J; Tan, W; Zhao, P; Wu, T; Wang, C; Lin, D2012249
Distributed (Δ+1)-coloring in the physical modelYu, D; Wang, Y; Hua, Q; Lau, FCM201146
Mixing of a Rosette Jet Group in a CrossflowLai, ACH; Yu, D; Lee, JHW2011134
Exact parameterized multilinear monomial counting via k-layer subset convolution and k-disjoint sumYu, D; Wang, Y; Hua, Q; Lau, FCM201186
Distributed local broadcasting algorithms in the physical interference modelYu, D; Wang, Y; Hua, Q; Lau, FCM201191
Reading speed in the peripheral visual field of older adults: Does it benefit from perceptual learning?Yu, D; Cheung, SH; Legge, GE; Chung, STL201073
Dynamic programming based algorithms for set multicover and multiset multicover problemsHua, QS; Wang, Y; Yu, D; Lau, FCM2010258
Hydraulics of tangential vortex intake for urban drainageYu, D; Lee, JHW2009225
Exact algorithms for set multicover and multiset multicover problemsHua, QS; Yu, D; Lau, FCM; Wang, Y200975
Set multi-covering via inclusion-exclusionHua, QS; Wang, Y; Yu, D; Lau, FCM2009173
Modelling of dense jet in co-flow and counter flowChoi, DKW; Yu, D; Lee, JHW2008111
Characterization of biofilm and lesion on human root surfaceMei, L; Fang, HH; Yip, HK; Jin, LJ; Yu, D2008175
Stormwater overflow in stepped channelYu, D; Lee, JHW; Wong, CKC2008180
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