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ASPD: A prospective study of adequacy in asian patients on long term, small volume, continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysisLam, MF; Tang, C; Wong, AK; Tong, KL; Yu, AW; Li, CS; Cheung, KO; Lai, KN2006106
Prevalence of silent kidney disease in Hong Kong: the screening for Hong Kong Asymptomatic Renal Population and Evaluation (SHARE) program.Li, PK; Kwan, BC; Leung, CB; Kwan, TH; Wong, KM; Lui, SL; Tsang, WK; Mak, CC; Mak, SK; Yu, AW; Tang, S2005182
A report with consensus statements of the International Society of Nephrology 2004 Consensus Workshop on Prevention of Progression of Renal Disease, Hong Kong, June 29, 2004Li, PKT; Weening, JJ; Dirks, J; Lui, SL; Szeto, CC; Tang, S; Atkins, RC; Mitch, WE; Chow, KM; D'Amico, G; Freedman, BI; Harris, DC; Hooi, LS; De Jong, PE; KincaidSmith, P; Lai, KN; Lee, E; Li, FK; Lin, SY; Lo, WK; Mani, MK; Mathew, T; Murakami, M; Qian, JQ; Ramirez, S; Reiser, T; Tomino, Y; Tong, MK; Tsang, WK; Tungsanga, K; Wang, H; Wong, AK; Wong, KM; Yang, WC; De Zeeuw, D; Yu, AW; Memuzzi, G2005187
Prevalence of kidney disease in Hong Kong: principal results from the Screening for Hong Kong Asymptomatic Renal Population and Evaluation (SHARE) programme.Tang, SCW; Leung, CB; Wong, KM; Kwan, TH; Lui, SL; Tsang, WK; Mak, SK; Yu, AW; Li, PK2004180
Factors predicting outcome of fungal peritonitis in peritoneal dialysis: analysis a 9-year experience of fungal peritonitis in a single centerWang, AY; Yu, AW; Li, PK; Lam, PK; Leung, CB; Lai, KN; Lui, SF200095
Treatment of pulmonary embolism by subcutaneous low-molecular-weight heparin in a hemodialysis patientSzeto, CC; Wang, AYM; Lui, SF; Lai, KN; Yu, AW199888
Dialysis hypotension and splanchnic circulationYu, AW; Lai, KN199868
Pain perception following subcutaneous injections of citrate-buffered and phosphate-buffered epoetin alphaYu, AW; Leung, CB; Li, PKT; Lui, SF; Lai, KN1998156
Splanchnic erythrocyte content decreases during hemodialysis: A new compensatory mechanism for hypovolemiaYu, AW; Nawab, ZM; Barnes, WE; Lai, KN; Ing, TS; Daugirdas, JT199786
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