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One-dimensional Europium(III) coordination polymer based on 3-pyridylacrylic acidLiu, YJ; Xiong, RG; You, XZ; Che, CM2004145
Synthesis, characterization, and theoretical studies of group 4 amido hydrotris(pyrazolyl)borate complexesCai, H; Lam, WH; Yu, X; Liu, X; Wu, ZZ; Chen, T; Lin, Z; Chen, XT; You, XZ; Xue, Z200368
Remarkably stable iron porphyrins bearing nonheteroatom-stabilized carbene or (alkoxycarbonyl)carbenes: Isolation, X-ray crystal structures, and carbon atom transfer reactions with hydrocarbonsLi, Y; Huang, JS; Zhou, ZY; Che, CM; You, XZ2002153
Hydrothermal preparation of novel Cd(II) coordination polymers employing 5-(4-pyridyl)tetrazolate as a bridging ligandXue, X; Wang, XS; Wang, LZ; Xiong, RG; Abrahams, BF; You, XZ; Xue, ZL; Che, CM2002149
A cluster rearrangement of an open cubane (Cu4Br4) to a prismane (Cu6Br6) in a copper(I)-olefin networkXue, X; Wang, XS; Xiong, RG; You, XZ; Abrahams, BF; Che, CM; Ju, HX2002180
A Cu(I) coordination polymer employing a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor letrozole as a building blockYuan, RX; Xiong, RG; Abrahams, BF; Lee, GH; Peng, SM; Che, CM; You, XZ200184
An unprecedented 2-D rhombic molecular grid with a triangular cavity and a V 4O 6 cluster as the corner unitXiong, RG; Xie, YR; You, XZ; Che, CM2001126
An unprecedented six-fold anion-type chiral diamondoid-like eight-coordinate Cd(II) coordination polymer with a second-order nonlinear optical effectChen, ZF; Xiong, RG; Abrahams, BF; You, XZ; Che, CM200172
Syntheses, crystal structures and magnetic properties of two honeycomb-layered bimetallic assemblies, K2[NiII(cyclam*)]3[FeII (CN)6]2 · 12H2O and [NiII(cyclam)]3[FeIII (CN)6]2 · 16H2OShen, Z; Zuo, JL; Shi, FN; Xu, Y; Song, Y; You, XZ; Raj, SSS; Fun, HK; Zhou, ZY; Che, CM200178
Two luminescent 2D layered copper(I)-olefin coordination polymers with high thermal stabilityZhang, J; Xiong, RG; Chen, XT; Che, CM; Xue, Z; You, XZ2001153
In situ ligand synthesis and the first crystallographically characterized lanthanide 3-D pillared networks containing benzene-1,4-disulfonate as a building blockXiong, RG; Zhang, J; Chen, ZF; You, XZ; Che, CM; Fun, HK2001124
Enantioseparation of racemic organic molecules by a zeolite AnalogueXiong, RG; You, XZ; Abrahams, BF; Xue, Z; Che, CM2001117
Highly stable copper(I)-olefin coordination polymers capable of co-existing with water and acidZhang, J; Xiong, RG; Zuo, JL; Che, CM; You, XZ2000151
The first chiral 2-D molecular triangular gridChen, ZF; Xiong, RG; Zhang, J; Zuo, JL; You, XZ; Che, CM; Fun, HK200098
Ferromagnetic ordering in a two-dimensional copper complex with dual end-to-end and end-on azide bridgesShen, Z; Zuo, JL; Gao, S; Song, Y; Che, CM; Fun, HK; You, XZ2000144
Opto-electronic multifunctional chiral diamondoid-network coordination polymer: Bis{4-[2-(4-pyridyl)ethenyl]benzoato}zinc with high thermal stabilityXiong, RG; Zuo, JL; You, XZ; Abrahams, BF; Bai, ZP; Che, CM; Fun, HK2000165
Crystal structures and magnetic properties of two alternating azide-bridged complexes [{M(dmbpy)(N3)2}n] (M = Mn or Cu; dmbpy = 4,4′-dimethyl-2,2′-bipyridine)Shen, Z; Zuo, JL; Yu, Z; Zhang, Y; Bai, JF; Che, CM; Fun, HK; Vittal, JJ; You, XZ199970
Synthesis, structure and optical limiting effect of two new nickel complexes containing strongly bound geometrically fixed multisulfur 1,2-dithiolene ligands showing remarkable near-IR absorptionBai, JF; Zuo, JL; Tan, WL; Ji, W; Shen, Z; Fun, HK; Chinnakali, K; Razak, IA; You, XZ; Che, CM1999147
A new self-assembled copper(I) complex of 2-thioxo-5H-1,3-dithiolo[4,5-b][1,4]dithiepin-6(7H)-one showing three-dimensional supramolecular networksZuo, JL; Bai, JF; Shen, Z; You, XZ; Fun, HK; Chinnakali, K; Che, CM1999150
Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties of a novel one-dimensional heterobimetallic polymer [{Co(dpa)(DMF) (μ-SCN)3Ag}n] [dpa = bis(2-pyridyl)amine]Zuo, JL; Fun, HK; Chinnakali, K; You, XZ; Che, CM199875
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