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UV-Diagram: A Voronoi Diagram for Uncertain Spatial DatabasesXie, X; Cheng, CK; Yiu, ML; Sun, L; Chen, J201396
Efficient notification of meeting points for moving groups via independent safe regionsLi, J; Yiu, ML; Mamoulis, N201319
Evaluating trajectory queries over imprecise location dataXie, X; Cheng, R; Yiu, ML201260
Ranking spatial data by quality preferencesYiu, ML; Lu, H; Mamoulis, N; Vaitis, M2011173
Optimal matching between spatial datasets under capacity constraintsLeong, HU; Mouratidis, K; Yiu, ML; Mamoulis, N2010160
UV-diagram: A Voronoi diagram for uncertain dataCheng, R; Xie, X; Yiu, ML; Chen, J; Sun, L2010195
Thresholded range aggregation in sensor networksLin, Z; Yiu, ML; Mamoulis, N2009309
Multi-dimensional top-k dominating queriesYiu, ML; Mamoulis, N2009323
Retrieval of spatial join pattern instances from sensor networksYiu, ML; Mamoulis, N; Bakiras, S200983
Efficient evaluation of probabilistic advanced spatial queries on existentially uncertain dataYiu, ML; Mamoulis, N; Dai, X; Tao, Y; Vaitis, M2009378
Extracting k most important groups from data efficientlyYiu, ML; Mamoulis, N; Hristidis, V2008292
Ring-constrained join: Deriving fair middleman locations from pointsets via a geometric constraintYiu, ML; Karras, P; Mamoulis, N200869
The Bdual -tree: Indexing moving objects by space filling curves in the dual spaceYiu, ML; Tao, Y; Mamoulis, N200896
Capacity constrained assignment in spatial databasesHou U, L; Yiu, ML; Mouratidis, K; Mamoulis, N200879
Computation and monitoring of exclusive closest pairsU, LH; Mamoulis, N; Yiu, ML2008300
Retrieval of spatial join pattern instances from sensor networksYiu, ML; Mamoulis, N; Bakiras, S2007422
Retrieval of Spatial Join Pattern Instances from Sensor NetworksYiu, ML; Mamoulis, N; Bakiras, S2007124
Reverse nearest neighbors search in ad hoc subspacesYiu, ML; Mamoulis, N2007606
Continuous monitoring of exclusive closest pairsLeong Hou, U; Mamoulis, N; Yiu, ML2007147
Efficient top-k aggregation of ranked inputsMamoulis, N; Yiu, ML; Cheng, KH; Cheung, DW2007163
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