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Carboxyl-terminal truncated HBx regulates a distinct microRNA transcription program in Hepatocellular carcinoma developmentYip, WK; Cheng, ASL; Zhu, R; Lung, RWM; Tsang, DPF; Lau, SSK; Chen, Y; Sung, JG; Lai, PBS; Ng, EKO; Yu, J; Wong, N; To, KF; Wong, VWS; Sung, JJY; Chan, HLY2011155
Development and validation of a questionnaire measuring norm-based rejection sensitivityYip, WK; Poon, CSK; Ip, GWM; Chan, HKG; Chun, YMR2009125
Characterization of adrenoceptors involved in the electrogenic chloride secretion by cultured rat epididymal epitheliumLeung, AYH; Yip, WK; Wong, PYD199261
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