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Childhood Bilingualism in the Chinese ContextYip, V; Matthews, SJ201318
Cross-linguistic influence in Cantonese-English bilingual children: the case of right-dislocation in EnglishGe, H; Cheung, L.; Matthews, SJ; Yip, V201335
The emergence of quantifier scopeMatthews, SJ; Yip, V201323
Syntactic transfer of right dislocation in Cantonese-English bilingual childrenGe, H; Cheung, L; Matthews, S; Yip, V201216
Learner corpora and cross-linguistics influence in third language acquisitionYip, V; Matthews, S201213
Wh-fronting in Cantonese grammar and in bilingual acquisitionMatthews, S; Yip, V201185
Cantonese: A Comprehensive Grammar (2nd ed.)Matthews, SJ; Yip, V201198
Activity levels in the left hemisphere caudate-fusiform circuit predict how well a second language will be learnedTan, LH; Chen, L; Yip, V; Chan, AHD; Yang, J; Gao, JH; Siok, WT2011230
The acquisition of relative clauses in Cantonese and MandarinChan, AWS; Matthews, SJ; Yip, V2011153
Unbalanced bilingual acquisition as a mechanism of grammatical changeMatthews, S; Yip, V2011179
Language dominance and wh-interrogatives in Cantonese-English bilingual children: MLU differentials show what?Yip, V; Matthews, SJ201176
Promoting bilingualism research in Hong Kong and East Asia: The Childhood Bilingualism Research CentreYip, V; Matthews, S201032
The acquisition of Chinese in bilingual and multilingual contextsYip, V; Matthews, S201089
From passive to ergative marking in CantoneseMatthews, SJ; Yip, V201093
Bilingualism and language acquisition in early childhood: research and applicationYip, V; Matthews, S2010142
Cross-linguistic influence in bilingual and multilingual contextsYip, V; Matthews, SJ2009168
Contact-induced grammaticalization Evidence from bilingual acquisitionMatthews, S; Yip, V2009112
Chinese Pidgin English in verse: from Canton to ShanghaiMatthews, S; Jones, A; Yip, V200998
Trilingual children’s comprehension of relative clauses in Cantonese, English and MandarinChan, AWS; Matthews, SJ; Yip, V200893
Bilingual children's comprehension of double object constructions in Cantonese and EnglishChan, AWS; Yip, V; Matthews, SJ200867
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