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Do video triggers I PBL cause cognitive overload?Chan, LK; Lu, J; Ip, MSM; Yip, LM2011126
Researching disciplinary discourses: perspectives from applied linguistics and medical education in a second language contextStorey, AM; Tse, LK; Chan, LK; Yip, LM; Tsang, WL; Wakeland, LJ2011123
Interpreting evidence in clinical training: the language of likelihood in the diagnostic process.Storey, AM; Tse, LK; Chan, LK; Yip, LM2011122
The challenges of presenting the patient history in a second language context: evidence from clinical interlanguageStorey, AM; Tse, LK; Chan, LK; Yip, LM2011191
Primacy of learning in introducing techology into PBLChan, LK; Lu, J; Ip, MSM; Yip, LM201168
A comparison of the problem-based learning process in a video-triggered and a paper-triggered caseChan, LK; Lu, J; Ip, M; Yip, LM2010124
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