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No NRG1 V266L in Chinese patients with schizophreniaGarciaBarceló, MM; Miao, X; Tang, CS; So, HC; Tang, W; Leon, TYY; So, M; Yip, B; Chen, RYL; Cheung, EFC; Chen, EYH; Li, T; Tam, P; Cherny, SS; Sham, PC2011433
Gray matter in first-episode schizophrenia before and after antipsychotic drug treatment. Anatomical likelihood estimation meta-analyses with sample size weightingLeung, M; Cheung, C; Yu, K; Yip, B; Sham, P; Li, Q; Chua, S; McAlonan, G2011316
Evaluation of a psychoeducation program for Chinese clients with schizophrenia and their family caregiversChan, SWC; Yip, B; Tso, S; Cheng, Bs; Tam, W2009117
A new cross-over region for hemogloboin-Lepore-HollandiaChan, V; Au, P; Yip, B; Chan, TK200457
Carrier incidence for spinal muscular atrophy in southern ChineseChan, V; Yip, B; Yam, I; Au, P; Lin, CK; Wong, V; Chan, TK2004116
A genetic locus for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis linked to chromosome 19p13.3Chan, V; Fong, GCY; Luk, KDK; Yip, B; Lee, MK; Wong, MS; Lu, DDS; Chan, TK2002272
Quantitative polmerase chain reaction for the rapid prenatal diagnosis of homozygous α-thalassaemia (HB Barts hydrops fetalis)Chan, V; Yip, B; Lam, YH; Tse, HY; Wong, HS; Chan, TK200169
Novel type of BCR-ABL transcript in a chronic myelogenous leukaemia patient relapsed after bone marrow transplantationChan, V; Yam, I; Yip, B; Au, P; Shing, MK; Li, CK; Chan, TK200066
Diagnosis of spinal muscular atrophy from fetal normoblasts in maternal bloodChan, V; Lau, K; Yip, B; Sin, SY; Cheung, MC; Kan, YW199858
Hemophilia B in a female carrier due to skewed inactivation of the normal X-chromosomeChan, V; Chan, VWY; Yip, B; Chim, CS; Chan, TK199882
A semi-automated allele specific PCR for detection of beta thalassemia mutationsChan, VNY; Yip, B; Lau, K; Chan, TK199668
A semi-automated method for analysis of intron 13 and intron 22 dinucleotide repeat polymorphisms of the factor VIII geneYip, B; Chan, V; Chan, TK199694
A semi-automated method for analysis of microsatellite repeat polymorphisms in the factor VIII gene (Abstract)Yip, B; Chan, VNY; Chan, TK199575
A semi-automated method for analysis of microsatellite repeat polymorphisms in the factor VIII geneYip, B; Chan, VNY; Chan, TK199568
Uses of dinucleotide/trinucleotide repeats in the diagnosis of genetic diseases.Chan, V; Yip, B; Chan, TP; Chan, TK199548
DNA analysis of Huntington's disease in Southern ChineseChan, V; Yu, YL; Chan, TPT; Yip, B; Chang, CM; Wong, MTH; Chan, YW; Chan, TK1995263
Intragenic dinucleotide repeats in factor VIII gene for the diagnosis of haemophilia AYip, B; Chan, V; Chan, TK199466
Molecular defects in haemophilia B: Detection by direct restriction enzyme analysisChan, V; Yip, B; Tong, TMF; Chan, TPT; Lau, K; Yam, I; Chan, TK199160
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