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Exploring how to involve patient support group volunteers in medical educationChin, WY; Yip, ALM; Chen, JY; Chau, TW201318
Evaluation of the effectiveness of a workshop using simulated patients to train students in problem identification and problem solvingChin, WY; Yip, ALM; Chen, JY; Chau, TW201338
Effects of video triggers on the PBL processChan, LK; Lu, J; Ip, MSM; Yip, ALM2012111
Young Chinese medical students adapt well to problem-based learningChan, LC; Beh, PSL; Yip, ALM2011146
Does medical student willingness to practise peer physical examination translate into action?Chen, JY; Yip, ALM; Lam, CLK; Patil, NG2011285
Does student willingness to participate in peer physical examination translate into actionChen, JY; Lam, CLK; Patil, NG; Yip, ALM2009159
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