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Effects of inorganic and organic nitrogen and phosphorus on the growth and toxicity of two Alexandrium species from Hong KongXu, J; Ho, AYT; He, L; Yin, K; Hung, C; Choi, N; Lam, PKS; Wu, RSS; Anderson, DM; Harrison, PJ201285
Detail-Preserving Controllable Deformation from Sparse ExamplesHuang, HD; Yin, K; Zhao, L; Qi, Y; Yu, Y; Tong, X201225
Geographical distribution of red and green Noctiluca scintillansHarrison, PJ; Furuya, K; Glibert, PM; Xu, J; Liu, HB; Yin, K; Lee, JHW; Anderson, DM; Gowen, R; AlAzri, AR; Ho, AYT2011184
Controllable hand deformation from sparse examples with rich detailsHuang, H; Zhao, L; Yin, K; Qi, Y; Yu, Y; Tong, X2011109
Long-term and seasonal changes in nutrients, phytoplankton biomass, and dissolved oxygen in deep bay, Hong KongXu, J; Yin, K; Lee, JHW; Liu, H; Ho, AYT; Yuan, X; Harrison, PJ2010448
Nutrient limitation in Hong Kong waters inferred from comparison of nutrient ratios, bioassays and 33P turnover timesXu, J; Yin, K; Ho, AYT; Lee, JHW; Anderson, DM; Harrison, PJ2009564
Well-characterized monoclonal antibodies against cell wall antigen of Aspergillus species improve immunoassay specificity and sensitivityHao, W; Pan, YX; Ding, YQ; Xiao, S; Yin, K; Wang, YD; Qiu, LW; Zhang, QL; Woo, PCY; Lau, SKP; Yuen, KY; Che, XY2008124
Temporal and spatial variations in nutrient stoichiometry and regulation of phytoplankton biomass in Hong Kong waters: Influence of the Pearl River outflow and sewage inputsXu, J; Ho, AYT; Yin, K; Yuan, X; Anderson, DM; Lee, JHW; Harrison, PJ2008272
Physical-biological coupling in the Pearl River EstuaryHarrison, PJ; Yin, K; Lee, JHW; Gan, J; Liu, H2008164
Nucleocapsid protein as early diagnostic marker for SARSChe, XY; Hao, W; Wang, Y; Di, B; Yin, K; Xu, YC; Feng, CS; Wan, ZY; Cheng, VCC; Yuen, KY200499
Slope vegetation and its application in Hong KongYin, K; Yue, QZQ; Lee, CF200495
InstantGrid: A Framework for On-Demand Grid Point ConstructionHo, SC; Yin, K; Lee, CM; Hung, HF; Wang, CL; Lau, FCM200492
Principles and practice of man-mode slope vegetation in Hong KongYin, K; Yue, QZQ; Lee, CF2003126
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