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The safety and efficacy of mesenchymal stem cells for prevention or regeneration of intervertebral disc degeneration: a systematic reviewYim, RLH; Lee, TY; Vavken, P; Samartzis, D201321
Epigenetic inactivation of the MIR129-2 in hematological malignanciesWong, KY; Yim, RLH; Kwong, YL; Leung, CY; Hui, PK; Cheung, F; Liang, RHS; Jin, DY; Chim, JCS201338
DNA Methylation of Tumor Suppressive miRNAs in Non-Hodgkin’s LymphomasYim, RLH; Kwong, YL; Wong, KY; Chim, JCS201242
Epigenetic inactivation of the MIR34B/C in multiple myelomaWong, KY; Yim, RLH; So, CC; Jin, DY; Liang, R; Chim, CS2011165
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