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Cosmic histories of star formation and reionization: an analysis with a power-law approximationYu, YW; Cheng, KS; Chu, MC; Yeung, S20127
Discriminative value of FRAX for fracture prediction in a cohort of Chinese postmenopausal womenCheung, EYN; Bow, CH; Cheung, CL; Soong, C; Yeung, S; Loong, C; Kung, A201285
Electronic chemical pathology consultation service and dried blood spot metabolic screening in hospital patientsMak, CM; Siu, WK; Law, CY; Wong, CK; Lee, HK; Yeung, S; Sham, CO; Tse, K; Lee, HHC; Chen, SPL; Ching, CK; Au, CK; Poon, WT; Lam, CW; Kwong, NS; Chan, AYW201296
Bone loss during menopausal transition among southern Chinese womenCheung, E; Tsang, S; Bow, C; Soong, C; Yeung, S; Loong, C; Cheung, CL; Kan, A; Lo, S; Tam, S; Tang, G; Kung, A2011173
Differences in dentofacial characteristics between southern versus northern Chinese adolescents.Gu, Y; Hagg, U; Wu, J; Yeung, S2011118
Virtual model analysis as an alternative approach to plaster model analysis: Reliability and validityBootvong, K; Liu, Z; McGrath, C; Hägg, U; Wong, RWK; Bendeus, M; Yeung, S2010204
Assessment of maxillary position: Implant vs cephalometric methodsVerayannont, P; Hägg, U; Wong, RWK; McGrath, C; Yeung, S2010128
Maxillary growth during puberty determined by the implant method compared with cephalometryVerayannont, P; Hagg, EUO; Wong, RWK; McGrath, CPJ; Yeung, S200968
A system dynamics model for the sustainable land use planning and developmentShen, Q; Chen, Q; Tang, Bs; Yeung, S; Hu, Y; Cheung, G2009190
Effect of mental fatigue on frontal lobe functionChan, CCH; He, J; Hung, JPS; Lee, TMC; Yeung, S; Yung, P2002175
Public Health Report No. 3Saw, PTA; Mak, KH; Ma, PL; Ho, YY; Tsang, T; Wong, M; Yeung, S; Hedley, AJ; Lam, TH1998106
A new approach to public health report: coronary heart disease and lung cancerHedley, AJ; Lam, TH; Cheng, KK; Wong, CM; Saw, TA; Leung, PY; Tsang, T; Yeung, S; Lau, F1994117
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