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A randomized prospective comparison of nadolol, captopril with or without ticlopidine on disease progression in IgA nephropathyCheng, IKP; Fang, GX; Wong, MC; Ji, YL; Chan, KW; Yeung, HWD1998113
Imaging of Pelvic Insufficiency FracturesPeh, WCG; Khong, PL; Yin, Y; Ho, WY; Evans, NS; Gilula, LA; Yeung, HWD; Davies, AM1996319
Sacral insufficiency fractures: Spectrum of radiological featuresPeh, WCG; Khong, PL; Ho, WY; Yeung, HWD; Luk, KDK1995120
Sacral and pubic insufficiency fractures after irradiation of gynaecological malignanciesPeh, WCG; Khong, PL; Sham, JST; Ho, WY; Yeung, HWD199570
Osteoporotic insufficiency fractures of the pelvisKhong, PL; Peh, WCG; Ho, WY; Yeung, HWD; Luk, KDK1994311
A 58-year-old woman with severe low back painPeh, WCG; Khong, PL; Ho, WY; Yeung, HWD; Gilula, LA199391
Case report: lingual thyroid, a cause of neonatal stridorChan, FL; Low, LCK; Yeung, HWD; Saing, H1993120
Alternating hemiplegia syndrome: Electroencephalogram, brain mapping, and brain perfusion SPECT scan study in a Chinese girlWong, V; Ho, GCL; Yeung, HWD; Ma, KM1993121
Antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody and gallium lung scintiscan in usual interstitial pneumonitisLau, YL; Tam, AYC; Yeung, HWD; Fu, KH; Lawton, JWM199258
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