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Novel Zn(II) coordination polymer based on 1,2-bis(4-pyridyl)hydrazine - From two-dimensional to three-dimensional networkWang, H; Szeto, L; Chan, WTK; Yeung, HL; Wong, KL; Wong, WT201277
Diastereoselective formation of a dicopper(i) helicate with a chiral tetradentate pyridylthiazole ligandTsang, CS; Yeung, HL; Wong, WT; Kwong, HL2009475
Catalytic and asymmetric cyclopropanation of alkenes catalysed by rhenium(I) bipyridine and terpyridine tricarbonyl complexesYeung, CT; Teng, PF; Yeung, HL; Wong, WT; Kwong, HL2007192
Syntheses of C1-symmetric bidentate ligands having pyridyl and 1,3-Thiazolyl, 1-methylimidazolyl or pyrazinyl donor groups for enantioselective palladium-catalyzed allylic substitution and copper-catalyzed cyclopropanationTeng, PF; Tsang, CS; Yeung, HL; Wong, WL; Wong, WT; Kwong, HL2006199
Stereoselective formation of a single-stranded helicate: Structure of a bis(palladium-allyl)quaterpyridine complex and its use in catalytic enantioselective allylic substitutionKwong, HL; Yeung, HL; Lee, WS; Wong, WT2006150
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