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Industrial pollution problems in Pearl-River-Delta and mechanism design for an inter-regional management regimeYeung, DWK; Zhang, Y201248
Dynamic game of offending and law enforcement: a stochastic extensionYeung, DWK; Zhang, Y; Yeung, PM; Mak, D2010113
Sensitivity analysis in parametrised optimization: a geometric exegesisYeung, DWK; Cheung, MT199587
Microeconomic Analytics: A Vade Mecum for Students Reading Modern EconomicsCheung, MT; Yeung, DWK199581
Completing the "One line proof" of the dynamic envelope theoremCheung, MT; Yeung, DWK199335
Second order condition for the firm's long period equilibriumCheung, MT; Yeung, DWK199244
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