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Adoption of on-line trading of investors in the Hong Kong financial marketLau, A; Yen, J; Chau, PYK2001145
A decentralized approach for optimal wholesale cross-border trade planning using multi-agent technologyWei, P; Yan, Y; Ni, Y; Yen, J; Wu, FF2001476
A multi-agent based negotiation support system for cost allocation of cross-border transmissionWei, P; Yan, Y; Ni, Y; Yen, J; Wu, FF2001308
Allocation of tie-line costs in power exchange scheduling using amulti-agent approachWei, P; Yan, Y; Ni, Y; Yen, J; Wu, FF2001319
Muti-agent approach to the planning of power transmission expansionYen, J; Yan, YH; Contreras, J; Ma, PC; Wu, FF2000127
Multi-agent coalition formation in power transmission planningYen, J; Yan, YH; Wang, BJ; Sin, PKH; Wu, FF1998222
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