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Genomewide association analyses in Chinese Han identify two new susceptibility loci for amyotrophic lateral sclerosisDeng, M; Wei, L; Zuo, X; Tian, Y; Xie, F; Hu, P; Zhu, C; Yu, F; Meng, Y; Wang, H; Zhang, F; Ma, H; Ye, R; Cheng, H; Du, J; Dong, W; Zhou, S; Wang, C; Wang, Y; Wang, J; Lee, TMC201343
A simple and novel hybrid robotic system for robot-assisted femur fracture reductionYe, R; Chen, YH; Yau, WP201293
Tele-operation and simulation for a new surgical robot designYe, R; Wang, S; Chen, Y2011104
Kinematic analysis in femur fracture reductionWang, S; Chen, YH; Ye, R; Yau, WP201088
Factors in practical manufacturability analysis of layer-based machining (LBM)Chen, Y; Yang, Z; Ye, R201076
Virtual tele-robotic operation and applicationsChen, Y; He, X; Ye, R200977
Path planning for robot assisted femur shaft fracture reduction: A preliminary investigationYe, R; Chen, Y200959
Neural network based force modeling for haptic virtual machining simulationHe, X; Chen, Y; Ye, R200976
Development of a six degree of freedom (DOF) hybrid robot for femur shaft fracture reductionYe, R; Chen, Y200897
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