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Bacterial communities in different sections of a municipal wastewater treatment plant revealed by 16S rDNA 454 pyrosequencingYe, L; Zhang, T2013392
454 Pyrosequencing reveals bacterial diversity of activated sludge from 14 sewage treatment plantsZhang, T; Shao, M; Ye, L201295
Pathogenic bacteria in sewage treatment plants as revealed by 454 pyrosequencingYe, L; Zhang, T2011101
Arrhythmia and sudden death associated with elevated cardiac chloride channel activityYe, L; Zhu, W; Backx, PH; Cortez, MA; Wu, J; Chow, YH; Mckerlie, C; Wang, A; Tsui, LC; Gross, GJ; Hu, J2011147
Analysis of the bacterial community in a laboratory-scale nitrification reactor and a wastewater treatment plant by 454-pyrosequencingYe, L; Shao, M; Zhang, T; Tong, AHY; Lok, S2011174
Ammonia-oxidizing bacteria dominates over ammonia-oxidizing archaea in a saline nitrification reactor under low DO and high nitrogen loadingYe, L; Zhang, T2011169
Diversity and quantity of ammonia-oxidizing Archaea and Bacteria in sediment of the Pearl River Estuary, ChinaJin, T; Zhang, T; Ye, L; Lee, OO; Wong, YH; Qian, PY2011277
Ammonia-oxidizing archaea and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in six full-scale wastewater treatment bioreactorsZhang, T; Ye, L; Tong, AHY; Shao, MF; Lok, S2011301
Plasmid metagenome reveals high levels of antibiotic resistance genes and mobile genetic elements in activated sludgeZhang, T; Zhang, XX; Ye, L2011201
Interactions of AOA, AOB and NOB in partial nitrification of saline sewage with high ammoniumYe, L; Zhang, T20101,554
Autotrophic biological nitrogen removal from saline wastewater under low DOZhang, T; Yan, QM; Ye, L2010599
Estimation of nitrifier abundances in a partial nitrification reactor treating ammonium-rich saline wastewater using DGGE, T-RFLP and mathematical modelingYe, L; Zhang, T2010379
AOA and AOB in sewage treatment plants, laboratory reactors and estuary sedimentsZhang, T; Jin, T; Ye, L; Qian, PY2010106
Histone ubiquitination associates with BRCAl-dependent DNA damage responseWu, J; Huen, MSY; Lu, LY; Ye, L; Dou, Y; Ljungman, M; Chen, J; Yu, X2009151
Effects of konjac glucomannan on physicochemical properties of myofibrillar protein and surimi gels from grass carp (Ctenopharyngodon idella)Xiong, G; Cheng, W; Ye, L; Du, X; Zhou, M; Lin, R; Geng, S; Chen, M; Corke, H; Cai, YZ2009667
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs upregulate function of wild-type and mutant CFTRLi, J; Xiang, YY; Ye, L; Tsui, LC; MacDonald, JF; Hu, J; Lu, WY2008139
Regulated expression of the human CFTR gene in epithelial cellsYe, L; Chan, S; Chow, YH; Tsui, LC; Hu, J2001196
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