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Study on the Vital Channel’s Running RouteLi, L; Yau, CH201327
Discussion on the Acuponts - The Indications of Acuponts and the Differences Between Acuponts and Traditional Chinese MedicineLi, L; Yau, CH201317
A Study of the Vital Channel’s Running RouteLi, L; Yau, CH201258
Discussion on the Principle of Five Shu Points from Characteristics of Shu Point IndicationsLi, L; Yau, CH201269
Discussion on the Acuponts - The Origin, Establishment and Naming of Acuponts[J]Li, L; Yau, CH201222
Discussion on the Acuponts - The Numbers and Location of AcupontsLi, L; Yau, CH201217
Acupuncture and needle-stimulation, differences in concepts and methodsLi, L; Yau, T; Yau, CH2012147
Discussion on the Acuponts - The Size Range of AcupontsLi, L; Yau, CH201215
The Notions for the Forming of Acupuncture Reinforcing-Reducing MethodsYau, CH; Li, L201154
Meaning of Dao Recorded in The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal MedicineLi, L; Yau, CH2011115
The Time of Sui-Reinforcing and Ying-Reducing - Acupuncture Reinforcing and Reducing Methods in “Nine Needles and Twelve Yuan of The Spiritual Pivot”Li, L; Yau, CH201161
Acupuncture and Needle-stimulation, Different Concepts and Different MethodsLi, L; Yau, T; Yau, CH201175
Culture meaning in Names of “The Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic”, “The Plain Conversation” and “The Spiritual Pivot”Li, L; Yau, CH201145
“Poisonous drugs” and “Sweet drugs”-- Analysis of the culture of drug classification in the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic”Li, L; Yau, CH2011129
The change and development of Acupuncture Reinforcing-Reducing MethodsLi, L; Yau, CH200949
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