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Screening for diabetic retinopathy with or without a copayment in a randomized controlled trial: Influence of the inverse care lawLian, JX; McGhee, SM; Gangwani, RA; Hedley, AJ; Lam, CLK; Yap, MKH; Lai, WW; Chu, DWS; Wong, DSH201317
Cost-effectiveness of standard vs. a navigated intervention on colorectal cancer screening use in primary care (abstract and powerpoint presentation)LIAN, J; Wong, DSH; Gangwani, RA; Chan, CKW; Lam, CLK; Yap, MKH; McGhee, S201349
Systematic investigation of the relationship between high myopia and polymorphisms of the MMP2, TIMP2, and TIMP3 genes by a DNA pooling approachLeung, KH; Yiu, WC; Yap, MKH; Ng, PW; Fung, WY; Sham, PC; Yip, SP201160
Screening for diabetic retinopathy in Hong Kong: a cost-effectiveness analysisLian, J; Wong, DSH; Chan, CKW; Gangwani, RA; McGhee, S; Yap, MKH; Lam, CLK; Hedley, AJ; Lai, WWK; Chu, DWS2011163
Evaluation of proteoglycan gene polymorphisms as risk factors in the genetic susceptibility to high myopiaYip, SP; Leung, KH; Ng, PW; Fung, WY; Sham, PC; Yap, MKH201152
A DNA pooling-based case-control study of myopia candidate genes COL11A1, COL18A1, FBN1, and PLOD1 in a Chinese populationYip, SP; Leung, KH; Fung, WY; Ng, PW; Sham, PC; Yap, MKH2011885
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