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MicroRNA-125b suppressesed human liver cancer cell proliferation and metastasis by directly targeting oncogene LIN28B2Liang, L; Wong, CM; Ying, Q; Fan, DNY; Huang, S; Ding, J; Yao, J; Yan, M; Li, J; Yao, M; Ng, IOL; He, X2010156
Identification of a Smad4/YY1-recognized and BMP2-responsive transcriptional regulatory module in the promoter of mouse GABA transporter subtype I (Gat1) geneYao, M; Niu, G; Sheng, Z; Wang, Z; Fei, J2010129
Yin yang 1 directly regulates the transcription of RE-1 silencing transcription factor. (G, Niu is the corresponding author)Jiang, L; Yao, M; Shi, J; Shen, P; Niu, G; Fei, J2008137
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