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Disaggregated crash prediction models for different crash typesPei, X; Sze, NN; Wong, SC; Yao, D201253
Optimal dividend and capital injection problem in the dual model with proportional and fixed transaction costsYao, D; Yang, H; Wang, R2011191
Optimal financing and dividend strategies in a dual model with proportional costsYao, D; Yang, H; Wang, R2010184
Resistance to activation-induced cell death and elevated FLIPL expression of CD4+ T cells in a polyI:C-induced primary biliary cirrhosis mouse modelJiang, T; Han, Z; Chen, S; Wu, C; Tang, Y; Qian, C; Chen, Y; Zhou, Y; Zhu, Y; Gu, M; Zhu, L; Yao, D; Deng, A; Zhong, R2009175
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