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Knockdown of survivin gene suppresses the tumorigenicity and enhances chemosensitivity in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)Or, YYY; Yang, Z; Xiong, YQ; Sun, HC; Yang, ZY; Poon, RTP2009149
Collaboration interface in Smart Metering SchemeYang, ZY; Lee, WK; Lam, HY200969
Structural basis of immune evasion at the site of CD4 attachment on HIV-1 gp120Chen, L; Do Kwon, Y; Zhou, T; Wu, X; O'Dell, S; Cavacini, L; Hessell, AJ; Pancera, M; Tang, M; Xu, L; Yang, ZY; Zhang, MY; Arthos, J; Burton, DR; Dimitrov, DS; Nabel, GJ; Posner, MR; Sodroski, J; Wyatt, R; Mascola, JR; Kwong, PD2009371
A fuzzy decision making approach to determine build orientation in automated layer-based machiningChen, YH; Yang, ZY; Ye, RH200855
Virtual customisation of product physical properties: A case of real time product stiffness customisationChen, YH; Lian, LL; Yang, ZY200757
Haptic modeling as an integrating tool for product developmentChen, YH; Yang, ZY200774
Three-dimensional stability evaluation of a preexisting landslide with multiple sliding directions by the strength-reduction techniqueDeng, JH; Tham, LG; Lee, CF; Yang, ZY2007183
Haptic customization of product physical properties in a virtual environmentChen, Y; Lian, LL; Yang, ZY200561
Haptic rendering: An approach to tactile property perception in early product designLian, LL; Chen, YH; Yang, ZY200584
Haptic modeling for a virtual coordinate measuring machineChen, YH; Yang, ZY; Wang, YZ2005163
Product customization in a virtual environmentChen, YH; Lian, LL; Yang, ZY200567
Towards a haptic virtual coordinate measuring machineChen, YH; Wang, YZ; Yang, ZY2004146
Haptic aided ergonomic evaluation in mass customized product designYang, ZY; Lian, LL; Chen, YH2004149
Haptic-based function analysis and shape modeling of multi-material product: A case studyYang, ZY; Chen, YH200459
Using AHP and fuzzy sets to determine the build orientation in layer-based machiningYang, ZY; Chen, YH; Sze, WS2003140
Layer-based machining: Recent development and support structure designYang, ZY; Chen, YH; Sze, WS2002106
Determining build orientation for layer-based machiningYang, ZY; Chen, YH; Sze, WS200189
Process planning in layer-based machiningYang, ZY; Chen, YH200153
Decision criteria for build orientation in layer-based machiningYang, ZY; Chen, YH200072
Computation of tidal flushing in a marine fish farmChoi, DKW; Yang, ZY; Lee, JHW1999108
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