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Waterproof of rock joint with lead strip for splitting tuff sheet in ancient China quarrying cavernsYang, ZF; Zhang, LQ; Yue, ZQ; Zhang, ZJ; Yang, TY; Lin, XJ; Tao, KJ; Zhu, JW2012162
Gene expression profiling of liver cancer stem cells by RNA-sequencingHo, DWY; Yang, ZF; Yi, K; Lam, CT; Ng, MNP; Yu, WC; Lau, J; Wan, T; Wang, X; Yan, Z; Liu, H; Zhang, Y; Fan, ST2012179
Prediction of posthepatectomy recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma by circulating cancer stem cells: A prospective studyFan, ST; Yang, ZF; Ho, DWY; Ng, MNP; Yu, WC; Wong, J2011202
Prediction of post-hepatectomy HCC recurrence by circulating cancer stem cellsFan, ST; Yang, ZF; Ho, DWY; Yu, WC; Wong, J2011299
Role of stem cells in normal liver and cancerLau, CK; Yang, ZF; Fan, ST2011328
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor promotes tumorigenesis via induction of neovascularization: Implication in hepatocellular carcinomaLam, CT; Yang, ZF; Lau, CK; Tam, KH; Fan, ST; Poon, RTP2011386
Design, construction and mechanical behavior of relics of complete large Longyou rock caverns carved in argillaceous siltstone groundYang, ZF; Yue, ZQ; Li, LH201196
Octamer 4 (Oct4) mediates chemotherapeutic drug resistance in liver cancer cells through a potential Oct4-AKT-ATP-binding cassette G2 pathwayWang, XQ; Ongkeko, WM; Chen, L; Yang, ZF; Lu, P; Chen, KK; Lopez, JP; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST2010444
The proangiogenic role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor in tumor developmentLam, CT; Yang, ZF; Fan, ST; Poon, RTP2010163
龙游石窟大型古地下工程洞室群科学技术问题研究Yang, ZF; Yue, QZQ; Li, LH201034
Discruption of akt/hif1 signaling can enhance the therapeutic efficacy of ischemic hypoxia and chemotherapyLau, CK; Yang, ZF; Ho, WY; Ng, M; Poon, TP; Fan, ST2010189
A case study of long-term field performance of check-dams in mitigation of soil erosion in Jiangjia stream, ChinaZeng, QL; Yue, ZQ; Yang, ZF; Zhang, XJ2009501
Engineering geological characteristics, failure modes and protective measures of Longyou rock caverns of 2000 years oldLi, LH; Yang, ZF; Yue, ZQ; Zhang, LQ2009234
Therapeutic efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine 319 recipe on hepatic fibrosis induced by carbon tetrachloride in ratsCheung, KF; Ye, DW; Yang, ZF; Lu, L; Liu, CH; Wang, XL; Poon, RTP; Tong, Y; Liu, P; Chen, YC; Lau, GKK2009181
An efficient and accurate iterative stress solution for an infinite elastic plate around two elliptic holes, subjected to uniform loads on the hole boundaries and at infinityZhang, LQ; Lu, AZ; Yue, ZQ; Yang, ZF2009198
Prediction of post-hepatectomy HCC recurrence by circulating cancer stem cellsYang, ZF; Fan, ST; Ho, DWY; Yu, WC; Lau, CK; Ng, MNP; Lam, CY2009172
Self-healing of Cracks in Surrounding Rocks of Longyou Caverns Caved 2000 Years AgoYue, QZQ; Yang, ZF; Zhang, LQ2009113
Inhibition of mTOR enhances chemosensitivity in hepatocellular carcinomaTam, KH; Yang, ZF; Lau, CK; Lam, CT; Pang, RWC; Poon, RTP2009185
Functionally selecting hMSC subpopulations with better migratory activities using a collagen barrierWong, HL; Chan, GCF; Yang, ZF; Chan, BP2009249
Cardiotrophin-1 enhances regeneration of cirrhotic liver remnant after hepatectomy through promotion of angiogenesis and cell proliferationYang, ZF; Lau, CK; Ngai, P; Lam, SP; Ho, DW; Poon, RTP; Fan, ST2008107
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