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A highly conserved tryptophan in the N-terminal variable domain regulates disulfide bond formation and oligomeric assembly of adiponectinRadjainia, M; Huang, B; Bai, B; Schmitz, M; Yang, SH; Harris, PWR; Griffin, MDW; Brimble, MA; Wang, Y; Mitra, AK2012103
Selective crustal contamination and decoupling of lithophile and chalcophile element isotopes in sulfide-bearing mafic intrusions: An example from the Jingbulake Intrusion, Xinjiang, NW ChinaYang, SH; Zhou, MF; Lightfoot, PC; Malpas, J; Qu, WJ; Zhou, JB; Kong, DY2012153
Chalcophile elemental constraints on sulfide-saturated fractionation of Cenozoic basalts and andesites in SE ChinaYang, AY; Zhao, TP; Qi, L; Yang, SH; Zhou, MF201168
OIB-like, heterogeneous mantle sources of Permian basaltic magmatism in the western Tarim Basin, NW China: Implications for a possible Permian large igneous provinceZhou, MF; Zhao, JH; Jiang, CY; Gao, JF; Wang, W; Yang, SH2009155
Geochemistry of the ~ 430-Ma Jingbulake mafic-ultramafic intrusion in Western Xinjiang, NW China: Implications for subduction related magmatism in the South Tianshan orogenic beltYang, SH; Zhou, MF200987
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