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NO and EDHF pathways in pulmonary arteries and veins are impaired in COPD patientsYang, Q; Shigemura, N; Underwood, MJ; Hsin, M; Xue, H-M; Huang, Y; He, G-W; Yu, C-M201221
Mequindox induced cellular DNA damage via generation of reactive oxygen speciesLiu, J; Ouyang, M; Jiang, J; Mu, P; Wu, J; Yang, Q; Zhang, C; Xu, W; Wang, L; Huen, MSY; Deng, Y2012139
Designing a brain-computer interface device for neurofeedback using virtual environmentsYan, N; Wang, J; Liu, M; Zong, L; Jiao, Y; Yue, J; Lv, Y; Yang, Q; Lan, H; Liu, Z200895
Dysfunction of pulmonary vascular endothelium in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Basic considerations for future drug developmentYang, Q; Underwood, MJ; Hsin, MKY; Liu, X-C; He, G-W200827
Erratum: Structural basis for modulation of Kv4 K + channels by auxiliary KChIP subunits (Nature Neuroscience (2007) 10 (32-39))Wang, H; Yan, Y; Liu, Q; Huang, Y; Shen, Y; Chen, L; Chen, Y; Yang, Q; Hao, Q; Wang, K; Chai, J2007163
Structural basis for modulation of Kv4 K + channels by auxiliary KChIP subunitsWang, H; Yan, Y; Liu, Q; Huang, Y; Shen, Y; Chen, L; Chen, Y; Yang, Q; Hao, Q; Wang, K; Chai, J2007126
Proceedings of the Pacific Asia Workshop on Intelligence and Security InformaticsYang, CC; Zeng, D; Chau, MCL; Chang, K; Yang, Q; Cheng, X; Wang, J; Wang, F; Chen, H200787
Development of EEG biofeedbaek system based on virtual reality environmentLiu, M; Wang, J; Yan, N; Yang, Q200566
Normality structures with homogeneous kinetic rate lawsYang, Q; Tham, LG; Swoboda, G200578
Relationship between refined Griffith criterion and power laws for crackingYang, Q; Tham, LG; Swoboda, G2004132
Hydrogen peroxide produced by two amino acid oxidases mediates antibacterial actionsZhang, H; Yang, Q; Sun, M; Teng, M; Niu, L200472
Relationship of crack fabric tensors of different ordersYang, Q; Chen, X; Tham, LG2004154
A Novel Neural Network Approach for Fault Section EstimationBi, T; Ni, Y; Wu, FF; Yang, Q2002104
Micromechanical basis of non-linear phenomenological equations as damage evolution lawsYang, Q; Tham, LG; Swoboda, G2002118
Melatonin potentiates contractile responses to serotonin in isolated porcine coronary arteriesYang, Q; Scalbert, E; Delagrange, P; Vanhoutte, PM; O'rourke, ST200157
On-Line Distribution Fault Section Estimation System with Radial Basis Function Neural NetworkBi, T; Yan, Z; Wen, F; Ni, Y; Wu, FF; Yang, Q200183
Minimum degree reordering based graph partitioning method for distributed fault section estimation system in power networksBi, T; Ni, Y; Wu, FF; Yang, Q2001266
Characterization of linewidth variation on 248- and 193-nm exposure toolsGabor, A; Brunner, T; Chen, J; Chen, N; Deshpande, S; Ferguson, R; Horak, DV; Holmes, S; Liebmann, L; Mansfield, S; Molless, A; Progler, CJ; Rabidoux, R; Ryan, D; Talvi, P; Tsou, L; Vampatella, B; Wong, AKK; Yang, Q; Yu, CF2001729
Synthesis, structure, and bonding of d0/f(n) metallacarboranes incorporating the η7-carboranyl ligandChui, K; Yang, Q; Mak, TCW; Lam, WH; Lin, Z; Xie, Z200052
An error transition model for analyzing fixture configurationsLau, TL; Yang, Q200085
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