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Can a scavenging gastropod with a mussel conspecific diet induce anti-predator defence in the mussel Perna viridis?Chiu, JMY; Shin, PKS; Yang, FY; Cheung, SG2011202
Cues from the predator crab Thalamita danae fed different prey can affect scope for growth in the prey mussel Perna viridisShin, PKS; Yang, FY; Chiu, MY; Cheung, SG2009138
Anti-predator behaviour in the green-lipped mussel Perna viridis: Byssus thread production depends on the mussel's position in clumpCheung, SG; Yang, FY; Chiu, JMY; Liu, CC; Shin, PKS2009280
A filter search algorithm based on machine-order space for job-shop scheduling problemsChoi, SH; Yang, FY2006149
Local responses to inundation and de-farming in the reservoir region of the Three Gorges Project (China)Jim, CY; Yang, FY200675
Quick value-setting algorithms for the longest path problem of job-shop schedulingChoi, SH; Yang, FY200582
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