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LDH-A silencing suppresses breast cancer tumorigenicity through induction of oxidative stress mediated mitochondrial pathway apoptosisWang, ZY; Loo, TY; Shen, JG; Wang, N; Wang, DM; Yang, DP; Mo, SL; Guan, XY; Chen, JP2012777
Dioscin induces cancer cell apoptosis through elevated oxidative stress mediated by downregulation of peroxiredoxinsWang, Z; Cheng, Y; Wang, N; Wang, DM; Li, YW; Han, F; Shen, JG; Yang, DP; Guan, XY; Chen, JP2012249
Ellagic acid, a phenolic compound, exerts anti-angiogenesis effects via VEGFR-2 signaling pathway in breast cancerWang, N; Wang, ZY; Mo, SL; Loo, TY; Wang, DM; Luo, HB; Yang, DP; Chen, YL; Shen, JG; Chen, JP2012262
Spatholobus suberectus inhibits cancer cell growth by inducing apoptosis and arresting cell cycle at G2/M checkpointWang, ZY; Wang, DM; Loo, TY; Cheng, Y; Chen, LL; Shen, JG; Yang, DP; Chow, LWC; Guan, XY; Chen, JP2011192
Induction of apoptosis in K562 cells by dicyclohexylammonium salt of hyperforin through a mitochondrial-related pathwayLiu, JY; Liu, Z; Wang, DM; Li, MM; Wang, SX; Wang, R; Chen, JP; Wang, YF; Yang, DP2011152
Different mechanisms of cis-9,trans-11- and trans-10,cis-12- conjugated linoleic acid affecting lipid metabolism in 3T3-L1 cellsZhai, JJ; Liu, ZL; Li, JM; Chen, JP; Jiang, L; Wang, DM; Yuan, J; Shen, JG; Yang, DP; Chen, JQ2010230
The disposition and pharmacokinetics of Dioscorea nipponica Makino extract in ratsRen, H; Jian, PC; Bin, YT; Dong, MW; Shu, HL; Zhang, YP; Yang, DP; Loo, TYW; Yeung, HSB; Jin, M; Li, X200858
Characterization of steroidal saponins in crude extract from Dioscorea Nipponica Makino by liquid chromatography tandem multi-stage mass spectrometryWang, DN; Lin, SH; Yang, DP; Jin, J; Tong, Y; Chen, J2007141
Numerical schemes of capturing multiple solutionsYang, DP; Wang, L200174
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