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Bornyl caffeate induces apoptosis in human breast cancer MCF-7 cells via the ROS- and JNK-mediated pathwaysYang, C; Pei, WJ; Zhao, J; Cheng, Y; Zheng, XH; Rong, J201426
Complex impedance with transmission line model and complex capacitance analysis of ion transport and accumulation in hierarchical core-shell porous carbonsYang, C; Li, VCY; Li, F; Chan, KY201354
Involvement of organic cation transporter-3 and plasma membrane monoamine transporter in serotonin uptake in human brain vascular smooth muscle cellsLi, WSR; Yang, C; Kwan, YW; Chan, SW; Lee, SMY; Leung, GPH201327
Sensitivity-based Uncertainty Analysis of a Combined Travel Demand ModelYang, C; Chen, A; Xu, X; Wong, SC201333
Impedance Analysis of Ion Transportation in Hierarchical Porous Core-Shell Carbons with Transmission Line ModelYang, C; Li, CYV; Li, F; Chan, GKY201342
Evaluating the "geographical awareness" of individuals: An exploratory analysis of twitter dataXu, C; Wong, DW; Yang, C201324
Platinum(II) and Gold(III) Allenylidene Complexes: Phosphorescence, Self-Assembled Nanostructures and CytotoxicityXIAO, X; KWONG, WL; Guan, X; Yang, C; Lu, W; Che, CM201386
Sensitivity-based uncertainty analysis of a combined travel demand modelYang, C; Chen, A; Xu, X; Wong, SC201322
Highly Efficient Solution-Processable Organic Light-Emitting Devices with Pincer-Type Cyclometalated Platinum(II) Arylacetylide ComplexesCheng, G; Chen, Y; Yang, C; Lu, W; Che, CM201342
Physiological and pharmacological roles of vascular nucleoside transportersLi, RWS; Yang, C; Sit, ASM; Lin, SYT; Ho, EYW; Leung, GPH2012109
Molecular characterization of the anti-cancer effects of bornyl caffeate in human breast cancer cell line MCF-7Yang, C; Zheng, XH; Rong, J201225
High performance mesoporous carbon supported Pt and PtRu electrocatalyst synthesized via carbonization over PFA-protected dispersed platinumLi, F; Yung, H; Yang, C; Chan, KY201266
Generating seamless surfaces for transport and dispersion modeling in GISCamelli, F; Lien, J-M; Shen, D; Wong, DW; Rice, M; Löhner, R; Yang, C201219
EIS study of ion transport behaviors and capacitive performance in a 3D hierachical carbon with hollow core-mesoporous shell structuresYang, C; Li, F; Chan, KY201298
Visualizing dynamic geosciences phenomena using an octree-based view-dependent LOD strategy within virtual globesLi, J; Wu, H; Yang, C; Wong, DW; Xie, J201124
In Vitro characterization of low modulus linoleic acid coated strontium-substituted hydroxyapatite containing PMMA bone cementLam, WM; Pan, HB; Fong, MK; Cheung, WS; Wong, KL; Li, ZY; Luk, KDK; Chan, WK; Wong, CT; Yang, C; Lu, WW2011300
Transport network design problem under uncertainty: a review and new developmentsChen, A; Zhou, Z; Chootinan, P; Ryu, S; Yang, C; Wong, SC2011146
Iron-ligand coordination in tandem radical cyclizations: Synthesis of benzo[b]thiophenes by a one-pot reaction of iron 1,3-diketone complexes with 2-thiosalicylic acidsChan, SLF; Low, KH; Yang, C; Cheung, SHF; Che, CM2011590
Advanced geoinformation science: an overviewYang, C; Wong, WSD; Yang, R201022
Alpha reliable network design with multiple objectives and demand uncertaintyChen, A; Ryu, S; Yang, C; Wong, SC2010127
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