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β-Glucan enhances antitumor immune responses by regulating differentiation and function of monocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cellsTian, J; Ma, J; Ma, K; Guo, H; Baidoo, SE; Zhang, Y; Yan, J; Lu, L; Xu, H; Wang, S201340
Up-regulation of GITRL on dendritic cells by WGP improves anti-tumor immunity in murine Lewis lung carcinomaTian, J; Ma, J; Ma, K; Ma, B; Tang, X; Baidoo, SE; Tong, J; Yan, J; Lu, L; Xu, H; Wang, S201227
Increased expression of mGITRL on D2SC/1 cells by particulate β-glucan impairs the suppressive effect of CD4 +CD25 + regulatory T cells and enhances the effector T cell proliferationTian, J; Ma, J; Wang, S; Yan, J; Chen, J; Tong, J; Wu, C; Liu, Y; Ma, B; Mao, C; Jiao, Z; Shao, Q; Lu, L; Xu, H2011151
Novel studies on hydrogen, fuel cell and battery energy systemsLeung, DYC; Yang, H; Yan, J2011113
Dysregulated microRNAs affect pathways and targets of biologic relevance in nasal-type natural killer/T-cell lymphomaNg, SB; Yan, J; Huang, G; Selvarajan, V; Tay, JLS; Lin, B; Bi, C; Tan, J; Kwong, YL; Shimizu, N; Aozasa, K; Chng, WJ201185
International Journal of Green Energy: EditorialYang, H; Leung, DYC; Yan, J2010213
Editorial for special issue of the First International Conference on Applied Energy, ICAE'09, Hong Kong, January 5-7, 2009 at the journal, applied energyLeung, DYC; Yang, H; Yan, J201073
Lycium barbarum polysaccharides induce apoptosis in human prostate cancer cells and inhibits prostate cancer growth in a xenograft mouse model of human prostate cancerLuo, Q; Li, Z; Yan, J; Zhu, F; Xu, RJ; Cai, YZ2009179
Controlling-minority shareholder incentive conflicts and directors' and officers' liability insurance: Evidence from ChinaZou, H; Wong, S; Shum, C; Xiong, J; Yan, J200827
Developmental and biomechanical characteristics of motor skill learning.Yan, J; Abernethy, AB; Thomas, JR200797
Lycium barbarum polysaccharides: Protective effects against heat-induced damage of rat testes and H 2O 2-induced DNA damage in mouse testicular cells and beneficial effect on sexual behavior and reproductive function of hemicastrated ratsLuo, Q; Li, Z; Huang, X; Yan, J; Zhang, S; Cai, YZ2006141
Hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects and antioxidant activity of fruit extracts from Lycium barbarumLuo, Q; Cai, Y; Yan, J; Sun, M; Corke, H20041,785
Numerical investigation of channel columns with complex stiffeners - Part II: Parametric study and designYoung, B; Yan, J200463
Numerical investigation of channel columns with complex stiffeners - Part I: Test verificationYan, J; Young, B200474
Design of cold-formed steel channel columns with complex edge stiffeners by direct strength methodYoung, B; Yan, J200494
Analysis of parental strain DNA fragments existing in GEMs-FhhhHao, CB; Yan, J; Qu, MM; Wang, D; Cheng, SP; Gu, JD; Qiu, WF; Wang, YY2003149
Precise large deviations for the prospective-loss processNg, KW; Tang, Q; Yan, J; Yang, H2003230
Transcription of mnp gene in inter-kingdom fusant Fhhh for degradation of PTA wastewaterChen, X; Chen, W; Tao, J; Gu, J; Pei, D; Yan, J; Hao, C; Cheng, S2002246
Degradation of purified terephthalic acid and expression of mnp gene for GEM FhhhCheng, S; Chen, L; Yan, J; Hao, C; Li, W; Gu, J; Cheng, G; Chen, N2002158
Channel columns undergoing local, distortional, and overall bucklingYoung, B; Yan, J2002102
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