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Hydrothermal synthesis of ordered single-crystalline rutile TiO2 nanorod arrays on different substratesWang, HE; Chen, Z; Leung, YH; Luan, C; Liu, C; Tang, Y; Yan, C; Zhang, W; Zapien, JA; Bello, I; Lee, ST201056
A novel deletion mutation in GJB1 causes X-linked Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease in a Han Chinese familyLin, P; Mao, F; Liu, Q; Yang, W; Shao, C; Yan, C; Gong, Y2010387
Dating the onset and nature of the Middle Permian Emeishan large igneous province eruptions in SW China using conodont biostratigraphy and its bearing on mantle plume uplift modelsSun, Y; Lai, X; Wignall, PB; Widdowson, M; Ali, JR; Jiang, H; Wang, W; Yan, C; Bond, DPG; Védrine, S2010181
Adhesive behavior of two-dimensional power-law graded materialsChen, S; Yan, C; Soh, A200961
Brief research communication: PRODH gene is associated with executive function in schizophrenic familiesLi, T; Ma, X; Hu, X; Wang, Y; Yan, C; Meng, H; Liu, X; Toulopoulou, T; Murray, RM; Collier, DA2008136
A Missense Mutation in SLC33A1, which Encodes the Acetyl-CoA Transporter, Causes Autosomal-Dominant Spastic Paraplegia (SPG42)Lin, P; Li, J; Liu, Q; Mao, F; Li, J; Qiu, R; Hu, H; Song, Y; Yang, Y; Gao, G; Yan, C; Yang, W; Shao, C; Gong, Y2008576
The functional MMP-9 microsatellite marker is not associated with episodic memory in humansVassos, E; Ma, X; Fiotti, N; Wang, Q; Sham, PC; Liu, X; Wang, Y; Yan, C; Meng, H; Deng, W; Collier, DA; Li, T2008174
Non-slipping JKR model for transversely isotropic materialsChen, S; Yan, C; Soh, A200865
Clinical value of ciliary assessment in bronchiectasisTsang, KW; Tipoe, G; Sun, J; Tan, KC; Leung, R; Yan, C; Ko, C; Ooi, GC; Ho, JC; Lam, WK2005184
Elevated levels of transforming growth factor-β1 in serum of patients with stable bronchiectasisMak, JCW; Ho, SP; Leung, RYH; Ho, PL; Ooi, C; Tipoe, GL; Yan, C; Ip, MSM; Lam, WK; Tsang, KWT2005100
Inhaled fluticasone in bronchiectasis: A 12 month studyTsang, KW; Tan, KC; Ho, PL; Ooi, GC; Ho, JC; Mak, J; Tipoe, GL; Ko, C; Yan, C; Lam, WK; ChanYeung, M2005361
A prediction rule for clinical diagnosis of severe acute respiratory syndromeHo, PL; Chau, PH; Yip, PSF; Ooi, GC; Khong, PL; Ho, JC; Wong, PC; Ko, C; Yan, C; Tsang, KW2005177
Coriolus versicolor polysaccharide peptide slows progression of advanced non-small cell lung cancerTsang, KW; Lam, CL; Yan, C; Mak, JC; Ooi, GC; Ho, JC; Lam, B; Man, R; Sham, JS; Lam, WK2003220
Oral coriolus versicolor polysaccharide peptide is beneficial by slowing the progression of lung cancerIp, S; Lam, CL; Ho, JCM; Lam, B; Yan, C; Ip, MSM; Chan-Yeung, MMW; Lam, WK; Tsang, KWT2003184
Inhaled steroid therapy and Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection and exhaled nitric oxide in bronchiectasisLam, J; Leung, R; Tipoe, GL; Ho, JCM; Yan, C; Ooi, CGC; Fung, PCW; Ip, MSM; Chan-Yeung, MMW; Lam, WK; Tsang, KWT2003260
Clinical value of ciliary assessment in bronchiectasis - a cross sectional studyTsang, KWT; Tipoe, GL; Sun, JZ; Mak, JCW; Leung, R; Yan, C; Ko, C; Ooi, CGC; Ho, JCM; Ip, MSM; Chan-Yeung, MMW; Lam, WK2003234
Efficacy and safety profiles of a combination of gemcitabine and ifosfamide on Chinese patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancerLam, CL; Ho, JCM; Lam, B; Ooi, CGC; Ip, S; Yan, C; Ip, MSM; Chan-Yeung, MMW; Tsang, KWT; Lam, WK2003191
Down-regulation of aquaporin 3 in bronchiectatic airways in vivoTsang, KW; Leung, JC; Tipoe, GL; Leung, R; Yan, C; Ooi, GC; Chan, HH; Lam, WK; Lai, KN2003106
Inhaled fluticasone therapy improves quality of life in bronchiectasisWong, M; Chan, S; Yan, C; Chan-Yeung, MMW; Ho, JCM; Lam, B; Ooi, CGC; Ip, MSM; Lam, WK; Tsang, KWT2003247
Down-expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase (iNOS) and endothelial (Enos) proteins and mRNA iNOS in bronchiectasis in vivoTipoe, GL; Liong, E; Zheng, L; Leung, YH; Shum, IH; Ho, JCM; Yan, C; Fung, PCW; Lam, WK; Tsang, KWT2003206
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