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The burden of lung disease in Hong Kong: A report from the Hong Kong Thoracic Society
Blackwell Publishing Asia. The Journal's web site is located at
ChanYeung, M; Lai, CKW; Chan, KS; Cheung, AHK; Yao, TJ; Ho, ASS; Ko, FW; Yam, LY; Wong, PC; Tsang, KW; Lam, WK; Ho, JC; Chu, CM; Yu, WC; Chan, HS; Ip, MSM; Hui, DS; Tam, CY2008552
A cluster of cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong
New England Journal of Medicine
Massachusetts Medical Society. The Journal's web site is located at
Tsang, KW; Ho, PL; Ooi, GC; Yee, WK; Wang, T; ChanYeung, M; Lam, WK; Seto, WH; Yam, LY; Cheung, TM; Wong, PC; Lam, B; Ip, MS; Chan, J; Yuen, KY; Lai, KN2003667
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