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Size and orientation of masticatory muscles in patients with mandibular laterognathismGoto, TK; Nishida, S; Yahagi, M; Langenbach, GEJ; Nakamura, Y; Tokumori, K; Sakai, S; Yabuuchi, H; Yoshiura, K2006124
In vivo cross-sectional area of human jaw muscles varies with section location and jaw positionGoto, TK; Yahagi, M; Nakamura, Y; Tokumori, K; Langenbach, GEJ; Yoshiura, K200594
Volume changes in human masticatory muscles between jaw closing and openingGoto, TK; Tokumori, K; Nakamura, Y; Yahagi, M; Yuasa, K; Okamura, K; Kanda, S200282
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