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Electroelastic behavior of doubly periodic piezoelectric fiber composites under antiplane shearXu, YL; Lo, SH; Jiang, CP; Cheung, YK200781
A rigorous analytical method for doubly periodic cylindrical inclusions under longitudinal shear and its applicationJiang, CP; Xu, YL; Cheung, YK; Lo, SH2004137
Effects of octreotide on expression of L-type voltage-operated calcium channels and on intracellular Ca 2+ in activated hepatic stellate cellsDing, HG; Wang, BE; Jia, JD; Xia, HHX; Wong, BCY; Zhao, CH; Xu, YL200466
A new analytical method of pin-load computation for anisotropic plate joints with multi-fastenersJiang, C; Xu, YL; Cheung, YK200193
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