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Remineralization of Dentin in hydrogel microenvirment aided by ElectrophoresisWu, X; Xu, Q; Li, Q; CAO, Y; Chu, CH201322
An enhanced Topmodel for a headwater catchment in Hong KongXu, Q; Chen, J; Peart, M201334
Modern pollen assemblages from cultivated rice fields and rice pollen morphology: application to a study of ancient land use and agriculture in the Pearl River delta, ChinaYang, S; Zheng, Z; Huang, K; Zong, Y; Wang, J; Xu, Q; Rolett, BV; Li, J201267
Constitutive behavior of binary mixtures of kaolin and glass beads in direct shearLi, Y; Aydin, A; Xu, Q; Chen, J2012103
Traditional Chinese medicine research in the post-genomic era: Good practice, priorities, challenges and opportunitiesUzuner, H; Bauer, R; Fan, TP; Guo, DA; Dias, A; ElNezami, H; Efferth, T; Williamson, EM; Heinrich, M; Robinson, N; Hylands, PJ; Hendry, BM; Cheng, YC; Xu, Q201294
Sucrose as a stable tracer for quantifying endodontic leakageXu, Q; Cheung, GSP; Deng, W-J; Ling, J-Q; Li, W-L201218
Evolution of storm direct runoff recorded at a headwater catchment in Hong KongChen, J; Xu, Q; Peart, MR; Bellie, S2011130
Numerical simulation of streamflow process in a small headwater catchment in Hong KongXu, Q; Chen, J; Peart, M201188
Evaluation of direct runoff volumes and simulation of peak dischargesChen, J; Xu, Q; Peart, M201142
An update to Topmodel: incorporation of soil and land use spatial variationsXu, Q; Chen, J; Peart, M201149
Establishing an EU-China consortium on traditional Chinese medicine researchUzuner, H; Fan, TP; Dias, A; Guo, DA; ElNezami, HS; Xu, Q201061
Wenchuan earthquake and media social responsibility: subject analysis related to accountability of news reports in five Chinese newspapersZhou, L; Fu, KW; Shen, H; Su, J; Gao, XD; Chan, YY; Xu, Q; Xu, XJ2010283
Dynamic adhesion energy between surfaces connected by molecular bonds and its application to peel testLin, Y; Yao, S; Xu, Q2010199
A novel mutation of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor gene CHRNA4 in sporadic nocturnal frontal lobe epilepsyChen, Y; Wu, L; Fang, Y; He, Z; Peng, B; Shen, Y; Xu, Q2009265
A quantitative evaluation of sealing ability of 4 obturation techniques by using a glucose leakage testXu, Q; Ling, J; Cheung, GSP; Hu, Y200776
A new quantitative method using glucose for analysis of endodontic leakageXu, Q; Fan, MW; Fan, B; Cheung, GSP; Hu, HL2005120
Green building design: experiences in Hong Kong and ShanghaiXu, Q; Chen, EHW; Lau, SSY2005409
Study on deformation and stability of high fill at Jiuzhai-Huanglong Airport by FLAC3D modeling, SeptXu, Q; Huang, RQ; Zhang, ZY; Jiao, JJJ; Zhou, P; Lu, XB; Qin, LY2001102
Stacking faults and the plastic properties of intermetallic compoundsJones, IP; Ngan, AHW; Smallman, RE; Rong, T; Shang, P; Xu, Q; Hosseini, AA; Yan, YW; Yu, HF199379
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