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Significance of the Myxovirus resistance A (MxA) gene - 123C>A single-nucleotide polymorphism in suppressed interferon ß induction of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus infectionChing, JCY; Chan, KYK; Lee, EHL; Xu, MS; Ting, CKP; So, TMK; Sham, PC; Leung, GM; Peiris, JSM; Khoo, US201090
CD209 (DC-SIGN) -336A>G promoter polymorphism and severe acute respiratory syndrome in Hong Kong ChineseChan, KYK; Xu, MS; Ching, JCY; So, TMK; Lai, ST; Chu, CM; Yam, LYC; Wong, ATY; Chung, PH; Chan, VSF; Lin, CLS; Sham, PC; Leung, GM; Peiris, JSM; Khoo, US2010144
Association of a single nucleotide polymorphism in the CD209 (DC-SIGN) promoter with SARS severity.Chan, KY; Xu, MS; Ching, JC; Chan, VS; Ip, YC; Yam, L; Chu, CM; Lai, ST; So, KM; Wong, TY; Chung, PH; Tam, P; Yip, SP; Sham, P; Lin, CL; Leung, GM; Peiris, JS; Khoo, US2010368
Association of ICAM3 genetic variant with severe acute respiratory syndromeChan, KYK; Ching, JCY; Xu, MS; Cheung, ANY; Yip, SP; Yam, LYC; Lai, ST; Chu, CM; Wong, ATY; Song, YQ; Huang, FP; Liu, W; Chung, PH; Leung, GM; Chow, EYD; Chan, EYT; Chan, JCK; Ngan, HYS; Tam, P; Chan, LC; Sham, P; Chan, VSF; Peiris, M; Lin, SCL; Khoo, US2007391
Estorgen Receptors Genes and Breast cancer Risk in Chinese: A Haplotype-based AnalysisTse, YT; Chan, YK; Chan, SY; Xu, MS; Sham, PC; Khoo, US200666
A variant in the CD209 promoter is associated with severity of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)Xu, MS; Chan, YK; Peiris, JSM; Yip, SP; Cheung, ANY; Khoo, US200688
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