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Effects of annealing temperature and gas on pentacene OTFTs with HfLaO as gate dielectricDeng, LF; Liu, YR; Choi, HW; Xu, JP; Che, CM; Lai, PT2012131
Improved interfacial properties of Ge MOS capacitor with high-k dielectric by using TaON/GeON dual interlayerJi, F; Xu, JP; Lai, PT; Li, CX; Liu, JG201193
Improved interface properties of Ge metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitor with TaTiO gate dielectric by using in situ TaON passivation interlayerJi, F; Xu, JP; Liu, JG; Li, CX; Lai, PT201173
Effects of different annealing gases on pentacene OTFT with HfLaO gate dielectricDeng, LF; Lai, PT; Chen, WB; Xu, JP; Liu, YR; Choi, HW; Che, CM2011125
Nitrided SrTiO 3 as charge-trapping layer for nonvolatile memory applicationsHuang, XD; Lai, PT; Liu, L; Xu, JP201186
Comparative study of high-K HfLaON and HfON as charge-storage layer of MONOS memoryLiu, L; Xu, JP; Huang, XD; Ji, F; Lai, PT201073
Improved performance of low-voltage pentacene OTFTs by incorporating la to hafinium oxide gate dielectricDeng, LF; Lai, PT; Tao, QB; Choi, HW; Xu, JP; Chen, WB; Che, CM; Liu, YR2010104
Electrical properties of HfTiO gate-dielectric metal oxide semiconductor capacitors with NO and N 2O surface nitridationsJi, F; Xu, JP; Li, CX; Lai, PT; Deng, LF; Zou, X2010111
Improved performance of pentacene OTFT with HfLaO gate dielectric by annealing in NH 3Deng, LF; Lai, PT; Xu, JP; Choi, HW; Chen, WB; Che, CM201086
Electrical characteristics of Al-doped ZnO-channel thin-film transistor with high-κ HfON/SiO 2 stack gate dielectricZou, X; Xu, JP; Lai, PT; Li, Y; Ji, F; Deng, LF2010126
A simplified post-soft-breakdown current model for MOS devicesLi, ZL; Xu, JP; Lai, PT2009166
A fringing-capacitance model for deep-submicron MOSFET with high-k gate dielectricJi, F; Xu, JP; Lai, PT; Guan, JG200885
A threshold voltage model for high-k gate-dielectric MOSFETs considering fringing-field effectJi, F; Xu, JP; Lai, PT2007105
Improved performance for OTFT with HfTiO 2 as gate dielectric by N 2O annealingTang, WM; Cheng, KH; Leung, CH; Lai, PT; Xu, JP; Che, CM200760
Effects of annealing gas on electrical properties and reliability of Ge MOS capacitors with HfTiON as gate dielectricLi, CX; Lai, PT; Xu, JP; Zou, X200787
Effects of gate-insulator nitridation gas on MISiC Schottky-diode hydrogen sensorsTang, WM; Leung, CH; Lai, PT; Xu, JP2006116
Gate leakage properties of MOS devices with TriLayer high-k gate dielectricChen, WB; Xu, JP; Lai, PT; Li, YP; Xu, SG200680
Threshold voltage model of SiGe channel pMOSFET without Si cap layerZou, X; Li, CX; Xu, JP; Lai, PT; Chen, WB200678
Improved I-V characteristics of SiC MOSFETs by TCE thermal gate oxidationYang, BL; Lin, LM; Xu, JP; Lai, PT2006724
A 2-D threshold-voltage model for small MOSFET with quantum-mechanical effectsXu, JP; Li, YP; Lai, PT; Chen, WB; Xu, SG2006130
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