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BOLD fMRI study of the rat superior colliculus responding to a moving visual stimulusLau, C; Zhang, JW; Cheung, MHM; Xing, K; Zhou, IY; Chan, KCW; Wu, EX2011141
BOLD temporal dynamics of superior colliculus and lateral geniculate nucleus during monocular visual stimulationLau, C; Xing, K; Chan, KCW; Wu, EX2010131
Functional MRI study of the visual system development in rodent modelXing, K; Chan, KCW; Cheung, MMH; Wu, EX2009112
Functional MRI of visual development in rat superior colliculusXing, K; Chan, KCW; Cheung, MMH; Wu, EX2009191
Functional MRI of postnatal visual development in normal rat superior colliculiChan, KC; Xing, K; Cheung, MM; Zhou, IY; Wu, EX2009213
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