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Television viewing time in Hong Kong adult population: associations with body mass index and obesityXie, Y; Stewart, SM; Lam, TH; Viswanath, K; Chan, SSC201425
The associations of high birth weight with blood pressure and hypertension in later life: A systematic review and meta-analysisZhang, Y; Li, H; Liu, S J; Fu, G J; Zhao, Y; Xie, Y; Zhang, Y; Wang, Y X201353
Prenotification had no additional effect on the response rate and survey quality: a randomized trialXie, Y; Ho Chan, S201335
Integrating landscape connectivity into the evaluation of ecosystem services for biodiversity conservation and its implications for landscape planningNg, CN; Xie, Y; Yu, X201344
A “J-shape” association between birth weight and adult systolic blood pressure (SBP) in Hong Kong Chinese womenXie, Y; Ho, SC201298
The association between body silhouette over the life course and adult systolic blood pressure (SBP) in Hong Kong Chinese womenXie, Y; Ho, SC201253
Command and control cities in global space-economy before and after 2008 geo-economic transitionLee, EKS; Zhao, SX; Xie, Y2012116
Impact of Family Communication Patterns on Family Health, Happiness, and Harmony (3Hs): Findings of the Hong Kong Family and Health Information Trends Survey (HK-FHINTS)Chan, SSC; Xie, Y; Soong, SS; Wang, X; Viswanath, K; Lam, TH2012100
COPE: an accurate k-mer-based pair-end reads connection tool to facilitate genome assemblyLiu, B; Yuan, J; Yiu, SM; Li, Z; Xie, Y; Chen, Y; Shi, Y; Zhang, H; Li, Y; Lam, TW; Luo, R201223
Reporting Incentives for Accounting Conservatism, Evidence from Asset and Equity TunnelingLau, AH; Zheng, L; Xie, Y201214
Weight change from young adulthood to middle-old age and its association with blood pressure in Hong Kong Chinese womenXie, Y; Ho, SC201257
The Hong Kong Family and Health Information Trends Survey (HK-FHINTS): changes of health information seeking behaviors from 2009 to 2010Xie, Y; Chan, SSC; Viswanath, K; Lam, TH201270
Evidence of associations between birth weight and later overweight, central adiposity and hypertension in Hong Kong Chinese womenXie, Y; Ho Chan, S201247
SOAPdenovo2: an empirically improved memory-efficient short-read de novo assemblerLuo, R; Liu, B; Xie, Y; Li, Z; Huang, W; Yuan, J; He, G; Chen, Y; Pan, Q; Liu, Y; Tang, J; Wu, G; Zhang, H; Shi, Y; Liu, Y; Yu, C; Wang, B; Lu, Y; Han, C; Cheung, DWL; Yiu, SM; Peng, S; Zhu, X; Liu, G; Liao, X; Li, Y; Yang, H; Wang, J; Lam, TW; Wang, J201247
Association of birth weight with adult systolic blood pressure (SBP) in Hong Kong Chinese women: "J" shape or linear shape?Xie, Y; Ho Chan, S201146
Body weight, weight change and adult systolic blood pressure (SBP) in Hong Kong Chinese womenXie, Y; Ho Chan, S201149
New Technique: Sketch-based rotation editingXie, Y; Xu, WW; Yu, YZ; Weng, YL2011107
中国沿海省份大城市紧凑程度测算方法与分析Chan, RCK; Xie, Y2010397
Revisiting human IL-12Rβ1 deficiency: A survey of 141 patients from 30 countriesDe Beaucoudrey, L; Samarina, A; Bustamante, J; Cobat, A; BoissonDupuis, S; Feinberg, J; AlMuhsen, S; Jannière, L; Rose, Y; De Suremain, M; Kong, XF; FilipeSantos, O; Chapgier, A; Picard, C; Fischer, A; Dogu, F; Ikinciogullari, A; Tanir, G; AlHajjar, S; AlJumaah, S; Frayha, HH; Alsum, Z; AlAjaji, S; Alangari, A; AlGhonaium, A; Adimi, P; Mansouri, D; BenMustapha, I; Yancoski, J; Garty, BZ; RodriguezGallego, C; Caragol, I; Kutukculer, N; Kumararatne, DS; Patel, S; Doffinger, R; Exley, A; Jeppsson, O; Reichenbach, J; Nadal, D; Boyko, Y; Pietrucha, B; Anderson, S; Levin, M; Schandené, L; Schepers, K; Efira, A; Mascart, F; Matsuoka, M; Sakai, T; Siegrist, CA; Frecerova, K; BlüettersSawatzki, R; Bernhöft, J; Freihorst, J; Baumann, U; Richter, D; Haerynck, F; De Baets, F; Novelli, V; Lammas, D; Vermylen, C; Tuerlinckx, D; Nieuwhof, C; Pac, M; Haas, WH; MüllerFleckenstein, I; Fleckenstein, B; Levy, J; Raj, R; Cohen, AC; Lewis, DB; Holland, SM; Yang, KD; Wang, X; Wang, X; Jiang, L; Yang, X; Zhu, C; Xie, Y; Lee, PPW; Chan, KW; Chen, TX; Castro, G; Natera, I; Codoceo, A; King, A; Bezrodnik, L; Di Giovani, D; Gaillard, MI; De MoraesVasconcelos, D; Grumach, AS; Da Silva Duarte, AJ; Aldana, R; EspinosaRosales, FJ; Bejaoui, M; Bousfiha, AA; Baghdadi, JE; Özbek, N; Aksu, G; Keser, M; Somer, A; Hatipoglu, N; Aydogmus, C; Asilsoy, S; Camcioglu, Y; Gülle, S; Ozgur, TT; Ozen, M; Oleastro, M; Bernasconi, A; Mamishi, S; Parvaneh, N; Rosenzweig, S; Barbouche, R; Pedraza, S; Lau, YL; Ehlayel, MS; Fieschi, C; Abel, L; Sanal, O; Casanova, JL2010126
The Effect of Pre-Notification Leaflet and Tape Measure Incentive on A Mail Survey in Hong Kong Chinese Women - A Randomized TrialXie, Y; Ho Chan, S201047
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