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Quartz luminescence geothermometer: preliminary studies on reconstruction of activities of thermal fluid flow in Yingehai sedimentary basin, ChinaChen, YY; Li, SH; Xie, XN200597
Hydrogeochemistry of formation water with implication to abnormal pressures in the Northern Songliao basin, ChinaCheng, JM; Jiao, JJJ; Xie, XN200490
石英的释光信号作为地质温度计对热流体活动示踪的初步研究Chen, YY; Li, SH; Xie, XN2004369
Regional variation of formation water chemistry and diagenesis reaction in underpressured system: Example from Shiwu depression of Songliao basin, NE ChinaXie, XN; Jiao, JJ; Cheng, JM2003135
Underpressure system and forming mechanism in the Shiwu depression of Songliao basinXie, XN; Jiao, JJ; Xiong, HH200350
Abnormal pressure and fluid movement in sedimentary basins with oil and das reservoirsXie, XN; Jiao, JJJ2001130
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