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Three-dimensional topological insulator in a magnetic field: chiral side surface states and quantized Hall conductanceZhang, YY; Wang, XR; Xie, XC2011105
In-plane noncollinear exchange coupling mediated by helical edge states in quantum spin Hall systemsGao, J; Chen, W; Xie, XC; Zhang, FC2009173
Magnetic field effects on quantum-dot spin valvesGao, JH; Sun, QF; Xie, XC200963
Persistent spin current in nanodevices and definition of the spin currentSun, QF; Xie, XC; Wang, J200892
Quantum coherence effect in spin-polarized transport through nano-magnetsGao, J; Sun, Q; Xie, XC200868
Measuring the phonon-assisted spectral function by using a nonequilibrium three-terminal single-molecular deviceSong, J; Sun, QF; Gao, J; Xie, XC200753
Persistent spin current in a mesoscopic hybrid ring with spin-orbit couplingSun, QF; Xie, XC; Wang, J2007207
Band structure effects on one-dimensional resonant tunneling in STM tips made of carbon nanotubesGao, J; Sun, Q; Xie, XC; Gao, H200679
Resonant spin Hall conductance in quantum Hall systems lacking bulk and structural inversion symmetryShen, SQ; Bao, YJ; Ma, M; Xie, XC; Zhang, FC2005318
Resonant spin hall conductance in two-dimensional electron systems with a Rashba interaction in a perpendicular magnetic fieldShen, SQ; Ma, M; Xie, XC; Zhang, FC2004264
Spin current in the Kondo lattice modelShen, SQ; Xie, XC2003415
High spin systems with orbital degeneracyShen, SQ; Xie, XC; Zhang, FC2002331
Percolative conductivity and critical exponents in mixed-valent manganitesXiong, Y; Shen, SQ; Xie, XC2001274
Metal-insulator transition in colossal magnetoresistance materialsSmolyaninova, VN; Xie, XC; Zhang, FC; Rajeswari, M; Greene, RL; Das Sarma, S200078
Orbital ordering and two ferromagnetic phases in low-doped La 1-xSr xMnO 3Shen, SQ; Gu, RY; Wang, QH; Wang, ZD; Xie, XC2000299
Pseudospin symmetry, Peierls instability, and charge-density waveShen, SQ; Xie, XC199752
Pseudospin SU(2)-symmetry breaking, charge-density waves and superconductivity in the Hubbard modelShen, SQ; Xie, XC199655
Anyons, boundary constraint, and hierarchy in fractional quantum hall effectHe, S; Xie, XC; Zhang, FC199247
Quantum Hall effect in double-quantum-well systemsHe, S; Xie, XC; Das Sarma, S; Zhang, FC199194
Destruction of fractional quantum Hall effect in thick systemsHe, S; Zhang, FC; Xie, XC; Das Sarma, S199059
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