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The influence of gender, reading ability, independent reading, and context on reading attitude: A multilevel analysis of Hong Kong data from PIRLSTse, SK; Xiao, X; Lam, JWI201335
The influence of gender, reading ability, independent reading, and context on reading attitude: A multilevel analysis of Hong Kong data from Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS)Xiao, X; Tse, SK201328
Cross-reactive antibodies in convalescent SARS patients' sera against the emerging novel human coronavirus EMC (2012) by both immunofluorescent and neutralizing antibody testsChan, KH; Chan, JFW; Tse, H; Chen, H; Lau, CY; Cai, J; Tsang, KL; Xiao, X; To, KKW; Lau, SKP; Woo, PCY; Zheng, B; Wang, M; Yuen, KY201357
Weaknesses in semantic, syntactic, and oral expression contribute to reading difficulties in Chinese dyslexic childrenXiao, X; Ho, CSH201333
Do reading practices make a difference? The analysis of PIRLS data for Hong Kong and Taiwan fourth-grade studentsTse, BSK; Xiao, X; Ko, HW; Chan, YL201324
Microtubule affinity-regulating kinase 4 (MARK4) is a component of the ectoplasmic specialization in the rat testis.Tang, EIY; Xiao, X; Mruk, DD; Qian, X; Mok, KW; Jenardhanan, P; Lee, WWM; Mathur, P; Cheng, CY201260
Polarity proteins and actin regulatory proteins are unlikely partners that regulate cell adhesion in the seminiferous epithelium during spermatogenesisYan Cheng, C; Wong, EWP; Lie, PPY; Mruk, DD; Xiao, X; Li, MWM; Lui, WY; Lee, WM2011124
Actin-binding protein drebrin E is involved in junction dynamics during spermatogenesisLi, MWM; Xiao, X; Mruk, DD; Lam, YL; Lee, WWM; Lui, WY; Bonanomi, M; Silvestrini, B; Cheng, CY2011151
C-Yes regulates cell adhesion at the blood-testis barrier and the apical ectoplasmic specialization in the seminiferous epithelium of rat testesXiao, X; Mruk, DD; Lee, WM; Cheng, CY2011130
A carrier-mobility model for high-k gate-dielectric Ge MOSFETs with metal gate electrodeXu, JP; Xiao, X; Lai, PT201088
Finite element analysis of 6061 aluminum alloy by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP)Zhiqiang, Y; Qingnan, S; Huarong, Q; Xiaoqi, W; Liwei, K; Xiao, X; Xu, L2010107
CdTe nanorod arrays on ITO: From microstructure to photoelectrical propertyWang, X; Wang, J; Zhou, M; Zhu, H; Wang, H; Cui, X; Xiao, X; Li, Q2009874
Germline-like predecessors of broadly neutralizing antibodies lack measurable binding to HIV-1 envelope glycoproteins: Implications for evasion of immune responses and design of vaccine immunogensXiao, X; Chen, W; Feng, Y; Zhu, Z; Prabakaran, P; Wang, Y; Zhang, MY; Longo, NS; Dimitrov, DS2009307
Range search on multidimensional uncertain dataTao, Y; Xiao, X; Cheng, R200785
Development of syntactic awareness in Chinese childrenXiao, X; Ho, CSH200789
Potent neutralization of Hendra and Nipah viruses by human monoclonal antibodiesZhu, Z; Dimitrov, AS; Bossart, KN; Crameri, G; Bishop, KA; Choudhry, V; Mungall, BA; Feng, YR; Choudhary, A; Zhang, MY; Feng, Y; Wang, LF; Xiao, X; Eaton, BT; Broder, CC; Dimitrov, DS200697
Multilayer X-ray optics at CHESSKazimirov, A; Smilgies, DM; Shen, Q; Xiao, X; Hao, Q; Fontes, E; Bilderback, DH; Gruner, SM; Platonov, Y; Martynov, VV2006121
Human monoclonal antibodies to the S glycoprotein and related proteins as potential therapeutics for SARSZhang, MY; Choudhry, V; Xiao, X; Dimitrov, DS200554
Indexing multi-dimensional uncertain data with arbitrary probability density functionsTaot, Y; Cheng, R; Xiao, X; Ngai, WK; Kao, B; Prabhakar, S2005207
Identification and characterization of a new cross-reactive human immunodeficiency virus type 1-neutralizing human monoclonal antibodyZhang, MY; Xiao, X; Sidorov, IA; Choudhry, V; Cham, F; Zhang, PF; Bouma, P; Zwick, M; Choudhary, A; Montefiori, DC; Broder, CC; Burton, DR; Quinnan Jr, GV; Dimitrov, DS200490
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