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Large-scale synthesis of bismuth hollow nanospheres for highly efficient Cr(VI) removalQin, F; Li, G; Xiao, H; Lu, Z; Sun, H; Chen, R201236
The role of the Golgi apparatus in oxidative stress: Is this organelle less significant than mitochondria?Jiang, Z; Hu, Z; Zeng, L; Lu, W; Zhang, H; Li, T; Xiao, H2011116
Dual boundary element analysis of rectangular-shaped cracks in graded materialsXiao, H; Yue, Z2008156
[Auditory brainstem implantation in patient with bilateral acoustic neuromas].Xiao, H; Au, DK; Hui, Y; Chow, CK; Fan, YW; Wei, WI2005106
Dual boundary element analysis of crack growth in functionally graded materials, Edited by: George Z. Voyiadjis & Robert J. DorganYue, QZQ; Xiao, H; Tham, LG; Lee, CF2005108
Boundary element analysis of 3D crack problems in layered materialsXiao, H; Yue, Z2003150
Direct observation of mass transfer at solid-liquid interface by laser flash photolysis of the interface probe moleculesWeng, YX; Xiao, H; Chan, KC; Che, CM2000167
Oscillations in a laser-induced chemical reaction: Coupling of chemical reactions with an acoustic effectWeng, YX; Xiao, H; Chan, KC; Che, CM199752
Structures and luminescent properties of polynuclear gold(I) halides containing bridging phosphine ligandsXiao, H; Weng, YX; Wong, WT; Mak, TCW; Che, CM1997170
Photophysical properties and crystal structures of luminescent phenylethynylgold(I) complexes of alkyl and aryl isocyanidesXiao, H; Cheung, KK; Che, CM1996125
Luminescent complexes containing a gold(I) chromophore with covalently-linked anthracene or pyridinium acceptorsXiao, H; Weng, YX; Peng, SM; Che, CM1996116
Genes encoding general initiation factors for RNA polymerase II transcription are dispersed in the human genomeHeng, HHQ; Xiao, H; Shi, XM; Greenblatt, J; Tsui, LC1994192
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