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BRCA1 deficiency induces protective autophagy to mitigate stress and provides a mechanism for BRCA1 haploinsufficiency in tumorigenesisTang, MKS; Kwong, A; Tam, KF; Cheung, ANY; Ngan, HYS; Xia, W; Wong, AST201418
Functional disruption of HypB, a GTPase of Helicobacter pylori, by bismuthXia, W; Li, H; Sun, H201416
Interaction of SlyD with HypB of Helicobacter pylori facilitates nickel traffickingCheng, T; Li, H; Yang, X; Xia, W; Sun, H201347
Interactions of SlyD with HypB and UreE of helicobacter pylori Reveals a "cross-talk" between [NiFe] hydrogenase and UreaseCheng, T; Li, H; Xia, W; Yang, X; Sun, H201228
Structural and functional relationships of metallochaperones in microorganismsSun, H; Li, H; Xia, W; Cheng, T201263
Characterization of HypA-UreE complexYang, X; Cheng, T; Xia, W; Li, H; Sun, H201227
Fluorescent labelling of histidine-rich and metal-binding proteins in cellsLai, AYT; Hu, L; Cheng, T; Xia, W; Sun, H201227
Post-genome wide association studies and functional analyses identify association of MPP7 gene variants with site-specific bone mineral densityXiao, SM; Kung, AWC; Gao, Y; Lau, KS; Ma, A; Zhang, ZL; Liu, JM; Xia, W; He, JW; Zhao, L; Nie, M; Fu, WZ; Zhang, MJ; Sun, J; Kwan, JSH; Tso, GHW; Dai, ZJ; Cheung, CL; Bow, CH; Leung, AYH; Tan, KCB; Sham, PC2012147
Metallo-GTPase HypB from helicobacter pylori and its interaction with nickel chaperone protein HypAXia, W; Li, H; Yang, X; Wong, KB; Sun, H2012137
Seeing is believing; tracking metalloproteins by fluorescent probe in vivo and in vitroLai, YT; Hu, L; Cheng, T; Xia, W; Sun, H201290
Multifaceted SlyD from Helicobacter pylori: implication in [NiFe] hydrogenase maturationCheng, T; Li, H; Xia, W; Sun, H2012210
Mining Histidine-rich Protein/Motifs in Microbes: Implication for Metal HomeostasisSun, H; Xia, W; Cheng, T; Li, H201154
Structural and Functional Characterization of SlyD from Helicobacter Pylori: Implication in [NiFe] Hydrogenease MaturationLi, H; Cheng, T; Xia, W; Sun, H201149
Effects of metal binding on histidine-rich bacterioferritin-associated Ferredoxin (BFD)-like [2Fe-2S] protein from Rhodopseudomonas palustrisHuang, F; Cheng, T; Xia, W; Sun, H201122
Insight into the Structural and Functional Aspects of the Multifaceted SlyD in Helicobacter pyloriCheng, T; Li, H; Xia, W; Sun, H201148
[Ni,Fe]-hydrogenase maturation pathway-a structural and functional studySun, H; Xia, W; Li, H201149
Medical versus surgical abortion methods for pregnancy in China: A cost-minimization analysisXia, W; She, S; Lam, TH201196
Structural and functional study of [NiFe]-hydrogenase maturation pathwaySun, H; Xia, W; Li, H201149
The beta-1-integrin-p-FAK-p130Cas-DOCK180-RhoA-vinculin is a novel regulatory protein complex at the apical ectoplasmic specialization in adult rat testesSiu, MKY; Wong, CH; Xia, W; Mruk, DD; Lee, WWM; Cheng, CY2011173
The bifunctional roles of nickel ions in Helicobacter pylori [NiFe]-hydrogenase maturation pathwayXia, W; Li, H; Sze, KH; Sun, H2010174
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