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Effects of selective COX-2 inhibitor and Helicobacter pylori eradication on precancerous gastric lesionsWong, BCY; Zhang, L; Ma, JL; Pan, KF; Li, JY; Shen, L; Liu, WD; Feng, GS; Zhang, XD; Li, J; Lu, AP; Xia, HHX; Lam, S; You, WC2012107
Alterations of gastric homeoprotein expression in helicobacter pylori infection, incisural antralisation, and intestinal metaplasiaZhu, S; Xia, HHX; Yang, Y; Ma, J; Chen, M; Hu, P; Gu, Q; Liang, Y; Lin, H; Wong, BCY2009179
Serum macrophage migration-inhibitory factor as a diagnostic and prognostic biomarker for gastric cancerXia, HHX; Yang, Y; Chu, KM; Gu, Q; Zhang, YY; He, H; Wong, WM; Leung, SY; Yuen, ST; Yuen, MF; Chan, AOO; Wong, BCY2009624
Essential role for macrophage migration inhibitory factor in gastritis induced by helicobacter PyloriWong, BLW; Zhu, SL; Huang, XR; Juan, M; Xia, HHX; Bucala, R; Wong, BCY; Lan, HY2009163
Quality of life and psychological impact in patients with noncardiac chest painCheung, TK; Hou, X; Lam, KF; Chen, J; Wong, WM; Cha, H; Xia, HHX; Chan, AOO; Tong, TSM; Leung, GYC; Yuen, MF; Wong, BCY2009210
Early upregulation of cyclooxygenase-2 in human papillomavirus type 16 and telomerase-induced immortalization of human esophageal epithelial cellsZhuang, ZH; Tsao, SW; Deng, W; Wang, JD; Xia, HHX; He, H; Feng, HC; Wang, LD; Gu, Q; Lam, SK; Lin, MCM; Kung, HF; Wong, BCY2008209
Celecoxib-related gastroduodenal ulcer and cardiovascular events in a randomized trial for gastric cancer preventionFeng, GS; Ma, JL; Wong, BCY; Zhang, L; Liu, WD; Pan, KF; Shen, L; Zhang, XD; Li, J; Xia, HHX; Li, JY; Lam, SK; You, WC2008188
Interactions between XIAP associated factor 1 and a nuclear co-activator, CBP, in colon cancer cellsSun, Y; Qiao, L; Zou, B; Xia, HHX; Gu, Q; Ma, J; Lin, MCM; Zhu, Q; Zhu, S; Dai, Y; Wong, BCY2008168
Pancreatic duodenal homeobox-1 (PDX1) functions as a tumor suppressor in gastric cancerMa, J; Chen, M; Wang, J; Xia, HHX; Zhu, S; Liang, Y; Gu, Q; Qiao, L; Dai, Y; Zou, B; Li, Z; Zhang, Y; Lan, H; Wong, BCY200896
Regulation of XAF1 expression in human colon cancer cell by interferon β: Activation by the transcription regulator STAT1Sun, Y; Qiao, L; Xia, HHX; Lin, MCM; Zou, B; Yuan, Y; Zhu, S; Gu, Q; Cheung, TK; Kung, HF; Yuen, MF; Chan, AO; Wong, BCY2008186
Effects of aspirin on the development of Helicobacter pylori-induced gastric inflammation and heterotopic proliferative glands in Mongolian gerbilsLi, GQ; Xia, HHX; Chen, MH; Tsukamoto, T; Tatematsu, M; Gu, Q; Qiao, L; Cho, CH; So, WHL; Yuen, MF; Hu, PJ; Liang, YJ; Lin, HL; Chan, AOO; Wong, BCY2008109
Effects of Proton-Pump Inhibitors on Functional Dyspepsia: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Placebo-Controlled TrialsWang, WH; Huang, JQ; Zheng, GF; Xia, HHX; Wong, WM; Liu, XG; Karlberg, J; Wong, BCY200799
Suppression of FHL2 Expression Induces Cell Differentiation and Inhibits Gastric and Colon CarcinogenesisWang, J; Yang, Y; Xia, HHX; Gu, Q; Lin, MCM; Jiang, B; Peng, Y; Li, G; An, X; Zhang, Y; Zhuang, Z; Zhang, Z; Kung, HF; Wong, BCY2007144
Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF) Knockout Mice Are Protected Against Helicobacter Pylori Induced Gastritis.Wong, LW; Zhu, SL; Zhang, SY; Lan, XR; Chung, ACK; Zhang, R; Lam, SK; Wong, BCY; Xia, HHX; Lan, HY200791
Helicobacter pylori eradication for gastric cancer preventionCheung, TK; Xia, HHX; Wong, BCY200798
Cell cycle-related kinase: A novel candidate oncogene in human glioblastomaNg, SSM; Cheung, YT; An, XM; Chen, YC; Li, M; HoiYee, G; Cheung, W; Sze, J; Lai, L; Peng, Y; Xia, HHX; Wong, BCY; Leung, SY; Xie, D; He, ML; Kung, HF; Lin, MC2007596
Activation of Pparc and inhibition of Xiap in human cancer cells: Synergistic effects on cell proliferation, apoptosis, and tumorigensis. Digestive Disease Week 2007, Washington DC, USA, 19-24 MayDai, Y; Qiao, L; Gu, Q; Xia, HHX; Cheung, TK; Ma, J; Zou, B; Wong, BCY2007109
XAF1 mediates apoptosis through an extracellular signal-regulated kinase pathway in colon cancerLi, FY; Wang, J; Zou, B; Lin, MCM; Yun, LW; Xia, HHX; Yun, WS; Gu, Q; He, H; Lam, SK; Hsiang, FK; Wong, BCY2007145
An inverse correlation between interleukin-6 and select gene promoter methylation in patients with gastric cancerTang, LP; Cho, CH; Hui, WM; Huang, C; Chu, KM; Xia, HHX; Lam, SK; Rashid, A; Wong, BCY; Chan, AOO200676
Helicobacter pylori Infection, Interleukin 1 Beta Polymorphism and Predisposition to Gastric Cancer Through the Cpg Island MethylationChan, OO; Chu, KM; Leung, SY; Huang, C; Sun, Y; Ko, S; Yuen, RMF; Xia, HHX; Cho, CH; Hui, WM; Lam, SK; Rashid, A; Wong, BCY2006184
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