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Coherent reliability index for generation system operation and its optimization modelZhou, H; Lou, SH; Wu, YW; Hou, YH; Wu, FF; Mao, CX2009355
Risk assessment of generation investment in spot market considering operation constraintsZhou, H; Hou, YH; Wu, YW; Su, JF; Xiong, XY; Mao, CX200863
Economic dispatch of power systems based on the modified particle swarm optimization algorithmHou, YH; Lu, LJ; Xiong, XY; Wu, YW200598
Application of quantum-inspired evolutionary algorithm in transmission network expansion planningHou, YH; Lu, LJ; Xiong, XY; Wu, YW200472
Application of generalized ant colony optimizaiton algorithm integrated with particle swarm optimization algorithm in economic dispatch of power systemHou, YH; Lu, LJ; Xiong, XY; Wu, YW200467
Application of improved partheno-genetic algorithm in generation expansion planning of power systemFeng, K; Li, YD; Hou, YH; Wu, YW; Xiong, XY200477
A research on transmission congestion menagement considering influence of consumers' demand elasticityLu, LJ; Hou, YH; Wu, YW; Xiong, XY200466
Enhanced particle swarm optimization algorithm and its application on economic dispatch of power systemsHou, YH; Lu, LJ; Xiong, XY; Cheng, SJ; Wu, YW200467
Economic dispatch of power systems based on generalized ant colony optimization methodHou, YH; Xiong, XY; Wu, YW; Lu, LJ2003120
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