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Investigation of therapeutic efficacy and mechanisms of polysaccharide of dendrobium officinale in alleviating cigarette-induced pulmonary inflammationXiao, L; Chan, YS; Wu, XJ; Ho, CM; Liao, QX; Tang, CW; Ng, TB; Sze, CW; Tong, Y; Zhang, Y201333
临床护理速查Wu, XJ; Zhang, XJ; Xie, YJ; Cao, J; Guo, N; Li, YL; Zhang, XM200874
Pulsar timing at Urumqi Astronomical Observatory: Observing system and resultsWang, N; Manchester, RN; Zhang, J; Wu, XJ; Yusup, A; Lyne, AG; Cheng, KS; Chen, MZ2001128
The Observation of Pulsars at Urumqi Astronomical ObservatoryWu, XJ; Wang, N; Zhang, J; Esamdin, A; Manchester, RN; Cheng, KS; Lyne, AG; Yusup, A; Zhang, HB; Kang, L; Jin, SZ2000122
Pulsar Timing at Urumqi Astronomical ObservatoryWang, N; Wu, XJ; Zhang, J; Manchester, RN; Yusup, A; Cheng, KS2000110
Gravitation Spin Effect and Magnetic Inclination of PulsarsZhang, C; Cheng, KS; Wu, XJ199998
Gravitation spin effect on the magnetic inclination evolution of pulsarsZhang, CM; Cheng, KS; Wu, XJ1998107
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